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| Y ÍDynegydd: CYHOEDDIAD CHWARTEROL 4-CYLCHDAITH MANCHESTER.-S- CYF. XIV. RHIF 4. AWST, MEDI a HYDREF, 1908. *«v<~*^*«**«4*«*;^«î««*««^j«*j»+jç.«j~^ J\ie^ make \Wir yta^ \o u^ The men who want SMART STYLISH TAILORING—at moderate prices—for this is just what we give. How excellent our Suits are can only be known by those wlio wear them. If you are not one of onr customers, let us make your next Süit—it will be to your advantage. We will supply you with a SUIT it will be a PLEASURE TO WEAR-and the pleasure will last a long time— our materials are so good. You will be PERFECTLY SATISFIED as regards Style and Fit, and you will get the UTMOST POSSIBLE VALUE for your money. Suits, 31/6, 37/6, 47/6, 576 Boys' Suits, 8/6, 11/6, 146, 18 6 BEATY BROS. TpMfc* sŵ' ._____________---___-.___—_---. Manchester. »~*