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Y 4 M YNE6YDD: CYHOEDDIAD CHWARTEROL ** CYLCHDAITH MANCHESTBS. ** CYF. XIV. RHIB 2. Chwefror, Mawrth ac Ebrill, 1908. SuperioF Tailomng. To any man who appreciates really good Tailoring our work will appeal very strongly—no tailor can turn out a better coat than we make. If you have never tried us, come and have a \odk at our range of Materials for Winter Overcoats and Suits—you could not have a better choice—you wili find the qualities very high and the prices very low. MARK WELL OUR OFFER. We will give you the same quality, the same style, and the same fìt for less money than you pay elsewhere. Seots' lverGoats, 21/-, 30 -, 37/6, 47/6 „ luits, 316, 37 6, 476, 57 6 loutbs' ÌYercoats, 156, 18/6. ,f iuits, 18/6, 21/6 ìoys' iîercoats I Ìuits from 6/6 to 23/- BEÄTY BROS.MARK- ST "^" *• * *■>*-» VN*« OLDHAM ST..„ W______ ■ ----^-; .____,,________________________l