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Cyf. XX. GORPHENAF 1, 1897. Rhif 10: Golygwyr:— i). Jenkins, Mus. Bae. a D. Emlyn Evans. Y GWIR YN Ì I \ ERBYN Y BYD. THE ROYÄL WATIONAL /l\ EISTEDDFOD OF WALES, NBWPORT, fMon.J, August 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6, 1897. PEIZES, dBl.,810- ENTBIES, OVEE 1,600. 01ive Grey. Mr. Ben Davies, Mr. Gwilym Richards, Mr. Ffrangcon Davies, Mr. David Hughes, Miss Llywela Davies, A.R.A.M., Mr. John Thomas fPencerdd Gwalia), Eos Dâr. Band and Chorus 600 pèrformers. Grand Concerts cvery Evening:—On Monday Evening (Bank Holiday), Grand Military Concert by the Band of H. M. Royal Marines, Plymouth Conductor, Mr. Frank Winterbottom). Other Evenings:—Mendelssohn's Grand Oratorio "Elijah." Sir A. C. Mackenzie's Cantata "Droam of Jubal." First perform- anceChoral Ballad " The Battle of the Severn " (D. C. Wil liams . Orchestral Music by the Grand Orchestraof ioo Per- formers. National Music—the Eisteddfod Chorus 500 voices. Eisteddíod Dtiy Meetiiifrs commence 10-30 a.m. : Evening Concerts, 7 p.m. Heserred Seats i Séitson Tickets boolsed in ;idvance, 011 application to Hon. (ien. iScc.:—A. J. 1'hillh'S. Rheola, Caeiieon Ed., Newport (Mon.) CIicíi]) E.M'iirsii'nir. from all jiarts, returning to jilaces within reasonable distance aí'ter Concerts. For full particulài-s >(;<■ lìailway arrangements.^ .CHIEF CHORAL (20" voices). Prizes £200 & £50. (8 eiitries . Second Choral (100 voices), Prizes, £75 & £25. (18 entries}. Male Choìrs (80 voices), Prizes, £70 & £10. ,18 entries). Fetnale Choirs, (30 voices), Prizes, £25 & £10. (8 entries). Congregational Choirs (50 voices), Prizes, £30 & £10. (6 entries). Glee Competition (30 voices), Prize £15. (18 entries). Orchestral Band Competition. Prizes £50 & £10. (5 entries). Vocal Quartets. Buets, Solo and Instrumental Competitions daily. Chairing of the successful bard (19 competitors). Crowning of the successful bard for Heroic Poem (10 competitors). Chief Liteiary prize f£\QQ). (5 competitors,) &c, ŵc Grand opening day,—Bank Holiday, Aug. 2nd. witli Brass nnd Military Bands Contests, commencing at one p.m. ,11 eutries . Admission at popular prices. Artistes:—Madame Medora Henson, Miss Magffie Davies, Miss Marion Evans. Miss Clara Buít, Miss Ceinwen Jones, Miss PIAITOS ^JSTID ORGAIsrS On the Easy Payment System ; dehvered Free on P trmenl of First /nsta/ment. H « o o « lil Ql3 g ots >. O C2 • 03 X.S § 21*. <c t» fi ■SS-rs ?S?s eS t* THEBEST 4 CHEAPEST HOÜSEIN WALES. 05 r * 3 «§§ p B 3 * 2? '»" E* IO/6 per month, Walnut Cottage Pianoforte, Iron Frame, Check Action, Full Trichord, Brass Pinplate, Truss Supports, Panel Front with Gilt Incision or Marquetry, <fcc. Deliyered on Payment of TEN SHILLINGS AND SIXFENCE. CMJLMJE mm ««JÄTS, OR-Ô.ITES' BTJILDINGS, NEW ILLUSTBATEÜ CATALOGUE (64 pagbs) NOW READY. R. THORNTON JONES, Managee, "WREXHAM. unntTBo »1kTTk BAN ílTOft'En'nWTB Rtt urtOT omnnnm —-.^__.~-_