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'STRAEON Y PENTAN '—Galwad Mawr—y 3edd Fil.—Gweler f.d. 2, Hysbysiadai!. Cyf. VII. RHÂ6FYR 2, 1895. Rhif 84. Y CERDDOR am 1896. Cyfnewidiadau Pwysig! Gweler t.d. 140. PIANOSÍ PIANOSÍ! PIANOSH From lOs. Monthly, LABGEST STOCK IN THE RINGDOM. THOMPSOÍI SHACICELL, Lîmited, QUEEN'S MUSIC WAREHOUSE, CARDIFF, A/80 at Swansea, Newport, Brístol, Merthyr, Brídgend, G/oucester, Pontyprídd, and Uanelly. m Sole Agents for South Wales for the Estey Organs and the Neumeyer and Ibach Pianos- Agents for Pianos by öollard & Oollard, Broadwood, Brinsmead, Kirkman, & all Leading Mafcers. Organs by Estey, Mason & Hamlin, and all best American Firms. [CARRIAGE FREE TO ANY PART.