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íyf. III. IONÄWE 1, 1891. Rhif. 25. Golygwyr : IMEr. D. Jenkins, 2%Eus. Bac, a 3S£r. D. Emlyn Evans. «•JalJAH—New Edition of Mendelssolm's Oratorio, in Tonic Sol-fa, ls.; Staff Notation to corres- pond, Is, Special rates for large quantities. he Gpld„ by JÎdji Ifëw Secular Cantatas. j, AHuraorous Cantatu. Words by Josia?a Desmcut, Musie ebs. Staô Notation, 2s. ud. Words liy C. J. B. Bibüell. Music by Loins N. I'abheu. Staff «íic Sol-fa, 8d. ell. Words by Schiixeis. Music by T. Mee Pattison, Staff íTonic Sol-fa, 8d. ew Sacred Cantatas* he Lord of Gold, Words by J» Stuabt Bogg. Music by Edmund Eogers. Stafi Notation, 26. tid.; Tonic Soi-fa, 9d. he New Jerusalem. Music by T. Mee Pattìboíj, Staff Notation, is. Gd.; I Tonfc Sol-ia, iidT acob ati'ì Esau, Words by .7. Stvaiít Boug. Music by W. Uenry Maxfiei.h,Mus. i iîae., ì\C.O. Staff Notation, ls. Cd.; Tonic Sol-fa,iù. "aita Trìumphant; or, Healing of Naaman. Worda by H. Bittterworth. j Music by ü. F. Bôot, Mus. Doc. Stuff Notation, Is. Gd.: Tonic Sol-îa, Od. "he Gopd Shepherd. Music by T. Meiì Pattison. Staff Notation, 2s,; Tonic | ■tar of the East. Words by J. StüABt Bogg. Music by W. Henry Maspiel», í Mus. Bac, F.C.Ü. BtaffNotatton, ls. Gd.; Tonic Sol-fa, 4d. Band Parta for all tiie above on hire. School Cantatas. The Sleepiug Beauty, An Operetta for Scbools, by W. S. Boddie. Tonic Sol-fe, 6d.: Staff Notation, witli Aeeompaninients, 2s. "The Flower G-atherers," A Cautata for iladies' Sciiools, Academies, eta, by T. Mee 1*attisox. Tonic Sol-fa, 4d.; Stoff Notation. with Accompaniments, ls. Gd. Playmates. A Hiiiderspiei, by J. C. Giíieye, F.B.I.S. Tliis lias been a most popular work, and whereror períormed there has always been demands for itto be repeated. Tonîc tìol-fa, 3a.; Staii'Notation, with Accmnpauiments, ls. 6d. The Flowers o' the Forest. A TCinderspiel, by J. C. Griete, F.E.I.S. A Com- paiüon work to " PJaymates :" it iias also met with tcn-ut sncress, and will prove popular wherever taken up. Tonic Sol-fa, 3d,; Staff Notation, wìtb. Accom- panhuents, Js. t;d. Parliament in Sehool. A Cantata, by T. Mee Pattisoîí. Tonic Sol-fa, «d.; Staff Notation, with Accoinpanimcnts, 2s. The Forest Rovers. An Operetta for Schoois, by W. S. Roodie. Tonic Sol-fa, 4d.; StaffNotation, with Accompaiiimeuts, 2s. Punch's Party. A Musical Bltetcîi, by J. O. Ml'rdoch. Tonic Sol-ftt, 3d.; Staff Notatíon, with Accompaniments, Is. Gd. Chrìstmas at School. 4 Cantata, l.ibn-tto adapted by D. P. Giiŵioub. Music by W. H. Doane. Tonic Sol-fa, 3d.; Staff Notation, wìth Accompaniments, ls. The Springtide Holiday. Au Operetta for Schools, by W. S. Bodme. Tonic Sol-fa, M.; StaffNotatiou, with Acconipaniments, ls. 6A, I«ondon : BAYLEY and FEEGUSON, 34, Patebnosteb Row. G-laSgOW : 54. Queen Street. NEW EIEE S7STBM-ÍB0H 10/- M0NTHL7! Special Biscount to Cash Buyers. RIÄMOS, ORGÄNS, HARMONIUMS. ARGEST STOCK in WALES. Catalogues free oa application— rhompson & Shackell (LlMITED,) QUEEN'S MUSIG WAREHOUSE, CARDIPP. Iso at SWANSEA, NEWFORT, PONTTrPRIBD, ME»THVR, «uc. W.B.—Fipe Organ for Sale, only £60. HUGHES AND SON, CYHOEDDWYR, 56, HOPE STREET, WREXHAM.