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THE WELSH CALVMSTIC METHODIST RECORD. SEPTEMBER, 1852. PERSONAL HOLINESS THE MAIN QUALIFICATION FOR THE MINISTRY OF THE GOSPEL. AN ORDINATION CHARGE DELIVERED BY THE REV. D. HOWELLS, SWANSEA, AT LLANELLY ASSOCIATION, AUGUST 4TH, 1852. I confess, my brethren, that I stand here on this occasion "in weakness, and in fear, and in much trembling;" yet I desire that "my speech may not be with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power." I shall address myself more especially to the brethren now before me, inasmuch as the separating of them to the work of the ministry has occasioned the delivery of this charge. The subject on which I have to speak is this: "Personal holiness the main qualification for the ministry of the gospel." It is not held to be the only qualification, but the principal one. In proportion to the importance of any occupation, is the urgency of the demand for the fitness necessary to engage therein; and the endowment most essential to that fitness calls for especial attention. As an aid for me to speak and for you to hear, I will here mention that I purpose calling your attention to the subject in the following order: I. Explain the meaning of the word " holiness" as here used. II. Show the propriety of the position assigned to " holiness" in connexion with the work of the ministry. IIL Set forth the becoming manner in which holy men engage in the work of the ministry. I. Explain the meaning of the word " holiness'* as here used. We should treat of this word with reverence, for it represents ideas of surpassing importance. It is frequently used in the word of God. It here stands for that in man which sets him apart for God. Our brethren will require this inward preparation for their holy work; and any separation of them to this work which does not include that inward fitness, is separation by man and not by God. 2a