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93 of them) seemingly with the same bitter spirit as old Ben Dairies* Joint with Mr. Howel they sent for a young student from Carmarthen to assist Mr. Howel. Mr. Rowland (in particular) would not submit to any such thing for these troublesome Calvinistical Bigots to enter within their walls. " What shall I say to Billy Harries (if ever I see him)," these were his words, even to Mr. Howel and many besides. In consequence of all this, there is a new Meeting-house building in Castle- bailey Street. Mr. Tom Jones (Voss ; sweet cousin) and many such as himself are the leading men. Miss Ann Harries,—a member of our Meeting (she is a chip of the old block), together with Mr. Howel, and his second^ daughter have been very much the cause of this melancholy division. May the Lord sanctify it to us. This ought to be the prayer of us all,—He has many ways to try vain Mortals, and He does support them. Cannot my dear Captive brother join his sister in this assertion 1 Voss and self feel very much obliged to you for your brotherly feeling with respect to poor John,| he certainly has been very much out of the right path of his duty, and I firmly believe his poor * Will any reader identify ? t Rosalinda, b. 15 August, 1783. Cf. Lewin's Mead Register, Bristol. ♦ John Matthew Voss, eldest s. of John and Lydia Voss; b. 14 February, 1789.