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ADAM EVANS'S MACHYNLLETH STANDARD. (A MONTHLY PUBLICATION.) Vol. I.—No. 6. MACHYNLLETH, MARCH 17th, 1891. Gratis. Announcements of Sermons, Concerts, Entertainments, Sales by Auction, Horticultural Shows, Eisteddfodau, Public Meetings, Bazaars, etc., when the printing for them has been done by Adam Evans, are inserted gratuitously in the Standard. Being" that the " MACHYNLLETH STANDARD " is published monthly and distributed gratuitously in almost every house in the town and neigh¬ bouring- villages, and posted to every gentleman's seat in the district, it is a good medium for Advertising, the charge for which will be ls.6d. per inch deep, for each insertion. MACHYIIIETH. Maengwyn Calvinistic Methodist Chapel— The Organ in the above Chapel will be opened on Good Friday, March 27th, 1891, by Professor Rolando Davies ; it was built by the well known Organ Builders, Messrs Peter Conacher and Co., Huddersfield. It has a beautiful tone and in all respect worthy of the builders :— The following Vocalists will take part in the proceedings, Miss Hannah Davies, Miss Annie Roberts, Mr David Morgan, Mr W. M. Williams, and Mr Harri Lewis. The Meetings will commence at 2 and 7 o'clock. COUNTY COURT, SATURDAY 14th, 1891, BEFORE JUDGE BISHOP. There were 40 Plaints entered for this Court and Eleven Judgment Summonses Tomlins v, Cambrian Railways Company, his honour delivered judgment in this case which was reserved from last Court. He gave a verdict for plaintiff for £25, holding that there was a yearly tenancy. Mr W. P. Owen appeared on behalf of the Plaintiff and Mr H. C. Corfield on behalf of the defendant Company. There were no other important cases, and the undefended cases were taken by Mr Evans, Registrar. A PAROCHIAL COMMITTEE Was held on Tuesday, 17th March, 1891. Present: Mr E. Rees, chairman, Mr Joseph Evans, Mr S. Phelps, Rev. Josiah Jones, Messrs R. Wood, Morris Lewis, Adam Evans, R. Rees, J. W. Ffoulkes Jones, John Morgan, T. Lloyd, Dr. J. S. Mathews. In attendance : Dr. Davies, Mr D. Humphreys, Mr D. Evans, clerk, and Mr D. Morgan, assistant clerk. The result of the guagings taken by the Inspector as directed at the last meeting, were read, also his report and directions given therein. Correction.—Dr Davies stated that he wished to- make a correction as regards the " milk " recently reported upon by him. WThat he intended to say was that 5o»?i(? of the samples were unfit, and not that all except the two best. Cowardly Attack.—Attention was called to the anonymous letter, signed Celtus, and leading article which appeared in the last issue of the Cambrian News respecting the town of Machynlleth. The Committee expressed a strong feeling of indignation as to the same and keenly felt for the respected gentleman and family, who in his great illness, should be subjected to such a cowardly and unwarrantable attack. The committee unanimously passed the following resolutions, and the clerk was directed to send a copy of the same to Mr Gillart. Mr Joseph Evans appropriately thanked the Committee for their expression of sympathy with Mr Gillart in his illness, and also for their warm dis¬ approval of the unfounded accusations contained in the letter and the article mentioned. Air Evans said that Mr Gillart had been a member of the Board of Guardians for a great number of years, and tried at all times to do his duty honestly and impartially. RESOLUTIONS. 1.—That this meeting having read with great regret a letter in the Cambrian News of Friday last, signed " Celtus," and also a leading article upon the Sanit¬ ary state of Machynlleth, consider the letter and article most unjustifiable, misleading & exaggerated. 2.—That Mr Gillart as Chairman of the Board of Guardians, has not as such, anything to do with the Sanitary Board, which is generally and almost in¬ variably presided over by a Guardian other than the chairman of the Board ; and that Mr Gillart is therefore in no way to blame for any delay that may have taken place in the carrying out of the Water Supply by the Parochial Committee of which he is not the appointed chairman. 3.—That we must express our sincere sympathy, that when lying on a bed of sickness, Mr Gillart should thus mcst unjustly be subjected to this un¬ feeling attack.