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/fl ^immsmmi ^jc< Vol. VI., No. 2. SUMMER TERM, 1896. —^v... r„-5«'-: ^^3RI Price 3d. - —_______--------------.....—_______Aher<f$?<t.'yri^ ==^ss C*as«*». -Q^C^S o^S^BTM^^)%^^^ .berpsttopth Grammar <8rhocrl ine. CONHTEHViTS. Isfe? CONCERNING DIVERS SUB¬ JECTS. ATHLETIC SPORTS. SCHOOL NOTES— School Officers. Choristers. The Sports. The Royal Visit. Cricket. Prizes. Library. TERMINAL EXAMINATION. Examiner's Report. RESULTS OF EXAMINATION. CRICKET— Matches Played. Criticism of the Team. Averages. Mujk.u^e. ^^wmiimmM\\\\\\\\\\\\m\imm^mm^ VjY^, PRINTED BY WILLIAM JONES, OLD ROPEWALK, ABERYSTWYTH. —"ViV^