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A REPERTORY OF CHRISTIAN THOUGHT & A RECORD OF CHRISTIAN WORK AMONG THB CALVINISTIC METHODISTS or PRESBYTERIANS of WALES. Vol. V. No. l.] JANUARY, 1889. Price One Penny. REV. WILLIAM EVANS, TONYREFAIL. ([HE Rev. W. Evans, the present father of our church, was born at the end of April, 1795. He is the youngest son of David and Elizabeth Evans, of Garthall, in the parish, of Llantrisant, in the county of Glamorgan. He is the sole survivor of a large family of brothers and sisters. He received his education at the Eagle School, Cowbridge, under the then well-known master, Mr. Rees. Afc the earlv age of eighteen—namely, in the year 1813—he was married to Margaret Cadogan, the daughter of a neighbouring farmer. Their family numbered eight children, of whom but three remain. In the year 1818 Mr. Evans commenced preaching when about twenty-three years of age. He became at once a popular preacher. He was ordained to the