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on A RECORD OF CHRISTIAN WORK AMONG THE Calvinistic Methodists or Presbyterians of Wales, Vol. III. No. 11.] NOVEMBER, 1887. [Price One Penny. :otes cw5 fommente. We have much pleasure in drawing the attention of our readers to the handsome structure which our English friends at Llandudno contemplate erecting at an early date. Eor a number of years they worshipped in an iron chapel, but such buildings, though often useful at the starting of a new cause, repel rather than attract strangers and outsiders ; and for some time they have set their heart upon erecting a permanent building, such as would be a cre¬ dit to their growing town, and to the Con¬ nexion to which they belong, which by the by is by far the largest and wealthiest of the Nonconformist Bodies in North Wales. Un¬ fortunately, however, not many wealthy have as yet identified them¬ selves with this parti¬ cular church, and their resources have already been strained to the ut¬ most in erecting the School section of their new church which was built last year, and cost £1,264; they now appeal to the good¬ will and generosity of all English and Welsh Methodists, and the Presbyterians of Eng¬ land and Wales, for sub¬ stantial financial aid, so that they may venture to proceed at once with the completion of their scheme. We feel that their case is a very worthy one ; for they have done nothing rashly; they have not yet involved themselves on the Connexion in a huge debt, but have gone on step by step; at the same time they now feel that having gone so far, they must go further; and now that they have laid a solid foundation for a prosperous future, they surely have a good claim upon the christian liberality of the Connexion. We hope that the North Wales Association, to be held at Llandudno this month, will see its way to recommend their appeal to the favour¬ able notice of the Bodv in North Wales. We are much gratified to learn that the Catharine-street (Liverpool) friends have realised the magnificent sum of £1200 by other of our English Churches; such as Neath and Abertillery, are preparing for like efforts ; and though they cannot ex¬ pect to be equally successful, we hope that the example of Liverpool will stimu¬ late them to do their very best; and we earnestly appeal to our lady readers to help these striving, struggling churches, by sending them specimens of their handi¬ work, and that without delay. PROPOSED NEW CHAPEL AT LLANDUDNO. means of the Bazaar recently held in con¬ nection with their church ; and though we have received no particulars as to the way they carried out the operations of the Bazaar, we have every confidence that they eliminated therefrom those ob¬ jectionable features which have sometimes made these Sales of Work so offensive to the sensitive consciences of a great many good people. We understand that several We are glad to notify the fact that the pas¬ torate of our English Church at Merthyr has been accepted by the Rev. D. Charles Edwards, M.A., of Bala. This church had a suc¬ cessful career under its previous pastors, and it has earned for itself a good name among our English Churches for its liberality and its loyalty to our Connexional prin¬ ciples ; for it has not only paid its own debt, but it has given sub¬ stantial aid to other churches, and has al¬ ways been among the foremost in its contribu¬ tions to all Connexional institutions. We con¬ gratulate both church and minister upon the present appointment. We regard Merthyr, at this particular time, as a sphere that presents special opportunities for aggressive work under an energetic and influ¬ ential pastor and now they have secured the services gentleman of the standing and calibre of Mr. Edwards, we hope that they will soon hear a voice speaking to them in tones of irresistible authority, The place is too strait for me; give place to me that I may dioell. that of a The movement in favour of amalgamat-