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®k Jlt0tttM nttnp: A RECORD OF CHRIST/AN WORK AMONG THE Calvinistic Methodists or Presbyterians of Wales. Vol. III. No. 9.] SEPTEMBER, 1887. [Price One Penny. University College of South Wales & MONMOUTHSHIRE (CARDIFF). Entrance Scholarships. THIRTY-THREE SCHOLARSHIPS and EXHIBI¬ TIONS, varying in value from £50 to £10 per annum, will be OFFERED for COMPETITION" at the EXAMINA¬ TION on SEPTEMBER 27th, 1887, and following days. The inclusive Tuition Fee is £10. .jFor further information in regard to the Scholarships, ■Exhibitions, and Prizes offered for competition in the bourse of the year, see Prospectus, wHin may be obtained IVOR JAMES, Registrar. Cardiff, March 10th, 1887. g>d)oIctsftc. KlNQSL&tfD SCHOOL, (INTERMEDIATE AND COMMERCIAL), SHREWSBURY. * Established In 1848'as a Boarding and Day School, by Wr. J. Poole, who" was succeeded by the late Mr. *errington. ---------- THIS old established and successful school will now be conducted by IMIIR,. J. OWIEIDsr, formerly a Visiting Agent and Inspector for the British ^jad Foreign School Society; afterwards for four years Tutor at Swansea Training College for Teachers, and {torn 1876 to 1886 Master of Maengwyn Grammar School, Machynlleth. A complete staff of qualified assistants. .. The school stands in its own grounds in the most de- ^ghtful and salubrious suburb of Shrewsbury. The ?chool-room and dormitories are spacious build¬ ers, constructed especially for school purposes, and are "©U adapted to conduce to the health and comfort °i the pupils. .Shrewsbury, though on the borders of Wales, is a thorough English-speaking town, and has a most con¬ venient train service to all parts of the Principality. .ptupils are thoroughly prepared for Commercial and professional vocations, and for the various Public Exami¬ nations. The methods of instruction are modern, and suoh as are approved by the highest authorities. Prospectuses, containing full information, Terms, &c, ^ay be had on application. The school re-opened January 18th. CLA^MONT^SCHOOT, CLAKEMONT BANK, SHREWSBURY. T}PJNCIPAL — Mrs. HINTON JONES. M Assisted by the Rev. W. Hinton Jones, Visiting Masters, and Resident Foreign ^0|d English Governesses. Pupils can be re¬ vived at any time during the Term at propor- ti, °uate charges. Pupils prepared for the Local Examinations. In order that Subscri¬ bers to the Monthly Tidings may possess as good a Portrait as possible of the late Dr. EDWARDS, suitable for Framing or Mounting in Albums, the proprietors have issued a superior impression of the portrait on thick plate paper, and will send copies, with or without the Monthly Tidings for this month, at the rate of 2d. each. Single Copies by post 2-|d. Orders to be sent to the Pub¬ lisher of the Monthly Tidings. THE Second and Enlarged Edition. Large Crown 8vo, cloth extra, price, 3/6. [A copy will be sent by the Publisher of the " Monthly Tidings" free by post on receipt of 3/6. Special terms for 6 copies and upwards.] WELSH CALVINISTIC METHODISM: An Historical Sketch of the Presbyterian Church in Wales. By the Rev. WM. WILLIAMS, Swan sea "The revival in Wales, inaugurated by the efforts of Howell Harris, Daniel Rowlands, and Howell Davies, forms one of the most enchanting and instructive pieces of Church History on record. Its story is told in this volume by Mr. Williams, in a way calculated to impress and captivate all readers. The book abounds with striking incidents, pithy sayings, and vivid sketches of character."—The Christian. "Abounding in stories of the sufferings of early Methodists in Wales. Welshmen are of a fiery nature and both for the truth and against it they were very earnest, hence the battle grew warm and proceeded to extremities The Lord was with His own, and therefore they triumphed in the conflict, and left Wales one of the most religious nations under heaven. This work is full of interest."—Sword and Trowel. " Just what the author describes it to be, ' An Historical Sketch,' and as such it meets with exactness a want long felt by a large portion of the Presbyterian Church of Wales. Th? style is vigorous and lucid ; and the selection of materials, with their arrangement in their proper place and order, has been made with great dis¬ crimination and care."—The Presbyterian. ggr= Most suitable as a Sunday School Prize or Reward. OSWESTRY COLLEGIATE SCHOOL (FOR GIRLS), PRINCIPAL—MISS J. E. JONES. (FRENCH ACQUIRED ABROAD, AND MUSIC AT THE ROYAL ACADEMY), ASSISTED BY MISS DOBLE, Cambridge Higher Examination, High Honours; Senior Oxford Local, High Honours; and South Kensington Certificates in- Science and Art. And other Certificated Teachers. Prospectuses may be had on Application. HipThe next Term will Commence on Tuesday, September 20th, 1887. THE SALOP SCHOOL, OSWESTRY. Head Master :—Mr. JOHN EVANS, M.A. (Classical and Mathematical High Honours Straton Gold Medallist in Mixed Mathematics and Natural Philosophy), Assisted by Qualified Masters. Exhibitions of £5 each will be given to every pupil from this school who will pass the London Matriculation Examination, next July and January, 1888. Also a Scholarship of £20 tenable for one year to the best from this school who will enter one of the Welsh University Colleges. Since last Midsummer Three have passed the "CambridgePrevious." During 1885 and 1886, sixteen have passed similar Examina¬ tions from this school—fifteen first time. List of other successes, Civil Service, University Scholarships, London Matriculation (all First Class) on application, Eighty-two passed the Professional Preliminaries—no failures. Young men neglected and those of peculiar temperament successful. The Commercial Department is also conducted with the highest degree of efficiency, to meet modern requirements. Highest references. Next Term commences Jan. 18th, 1887.