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®h^ JJtfltttftljg SMinp: A RECORD OF CHRISTIAN WORK AMONG THE CaMnistic Methodists or Presbyterians of Wales. Vol. II. No. 10.] OCTOBER, 1886. [Price One Penny. HODDER & STOUCHTONS BOOKS FOR PREACHERS & TEACHERS. New work by the late Rev. PAXTON HOOD, this day, Price, 7s. 6d. THE VOCATION OF THE PREACHER, By REV. E. PAXTON HOOD, author of "The Throne of Eloquence," " The World of Anecdote," &c. By the same Author, CHRISTMAS EVANS, the Preacher of Wild Wales. His Country, his Times, and his Contempories. Price, 7/6. "A wonderfully interesting narrative."—British Quarterly Review. THE WORLD OP MORAL AND RELIGIOUS ANECDOTE. Price, 6/- "The book is delightful and amusing, as well as instructive."— Evangelical Magazine. THE CLERICAL LIBRkRY.-Pulpit Helps for all Preachers. New volumes now ready, price, 6s. each. ANECDOTES ILLUSTRATIVE OF OLD TESTAMENT TEXTS. NEW OUTLINES OF SERMONS ON THE NEW TESTAMENT, By eminent Preachers. HITHERTO UNPUBLISHED. * In the same Series, price, 6s. each. PULPIT PRAYERS BY EMINENT PREACHERS. 6s. ANECDOTES TEXTS. 6s. EXPOSITORY OUTLINES NEW TESTAMENT. 6s. EXPOSITORY SERMONS AND OUTLINES ON THE OLD TESTAMENT. 6s. PLATFORM J^JDS. Consisting of striking speeches on the Bible Missions, Sunday-schools, Temperance, and. Kindred subjects, with ' a selection of Illustrative anecdotes. 6s. THREE HUNDRED OUTLINES OP SERMONS ON THE NEW TESTAMENT. 6s. OUTLINES OP SERMONS ON THE OLD TESTAMENT. 6s. OUTLINE SERMONS TO CHILDREN. With numerous Anecdotes. New Edition, 6s. ILLUSTRATIVE OP NEW TESTAMENT s. AND SERMONS ON THE Edited by Also Vols. I. by St. Now ready, the New Half-Yearly Vol. of THE EXPOSITOR: Vol. III. New Series. Rev. W. Robertson Nicoll, M.A. 8vo, 7s. 6d. and II., price, 7s. 6d. each DR. MARCUS DODS ON THE PARABLES. THE PARABLES OF OUR LORD, as recorded Luke. By Marcits Dods, D.D. 3s. 6d. By the same Author. THE PARABLES OF OUR LORD, as recorded by St. Matthew. New Edition, 3s. 6d. CLASSIFIED GEMS OF THOUGHT. From the Great Writers and Preachers of all Ages. In convenient order for use as a Dictionary of Ready Reference on Religious Subjects. By Rev. P. B. Proctor, M.A. With Preface by Rev. Principal Wage, D.D. Royal 8vo, 10s. 6d. Now Ready, the Fiftieth Thousand of NATURAL LAW IN THE SPIRITUAL WORLD. By Professor Henry Drtjmmond, F.R.S.E., F. G.S. Seventeenth Edition. 7a. 6d. Now Ready, New and Cheaper Edition, Price 5s. TEACHING AND TEACHERS: A Complete'Manual of the Work of the Sunday School Teacher. By H. Clay Trumbull, D.D., Editor of the American Sunday-school Times, &c. " Every aspect of Sunday-school work comes under review, and is treated with an insight, breadth of knowledge, and with so much apt illustrative matter as combine to make the book as attractive as it will be found useful."—Church Sunday-school Magazine. THE CHURCHETTE : A Year's Sermons and Parables for the Young. By Rev. J. Reid Howatt. Price 3s. 6d. "Mr. Howatt's sermonettes for the children have the simplicity, fresh anecdotal interest, and realism which are essential to the success of such discourses."—Christian Leader. DR. R. W. DALE'S EXPOSITIONS. THE EPISTLE TO THE EPHESIANS. Its Doctrine and Ethics. Third Thousand, 7s. 6d. THE JEWISH TEMPLE AND THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. A Series of Discourses on the Epistle to the Heb rews. By the same Author. Sixth and Revised Edition, 6s. DR. PARKER'S "PEOPLE'S BIBLE." Dr. Parker says:—"In the preparation of'The People's Bible' I seem to begin my life-work, the very thing that expresses my supreme purpose and highest hope," Now ready, the Fourth Volume, Price, 8s. UUMBBE/S XX-VII-DBTJTBROITOMY. Discourses on Holt Scripture. By Joseph Parker, D.D. Vol. I. The Book of GENESIS. 8vo, 8s. I Vol. II. The Book of EXODUS. 8vo. 8s. I Vol. III. Leviticus-Numbers XXVI. "This is a worthy commencement of what Dr. Parker intends to be the literary and devotional masterpiece of his life. In this work, the [orce, the originality, the effective style, the intensely practical teaching of the famous pastor of the City Temple are exhibited at their **&.»—Methodist Times. Londoa: HAZELL, WATSON, & VINEY, Limited, 52, Long Acre ;& London: HODDER & 8TOUGHTON, 27, Paternoster Row, E.C.