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®fo A RECORD OF CHRIST/AN WORK AMONG THE CaMnlstic Methodists or Presbyterians of Wales. Vol. II. No. 7.] JULY, 1886. [Price One Penny. WILLIAMS PANTYCELYN'S MEMORIAL CHAPEL, LLANDOVERY. > ■♦ ♦ » < On Tuesday, June 15 th, were laid the Memorial Stones of this beautiful chapel, a picture of which we give on this page. As the hour for the commencementof the ceremony approach¬ ed, the usual quiet¬ ness of the town wore an aspect of bustle and excitement. The proceedings commenced with singing the hymn " Dear Shepherd of Thy people," follow¬ ed by an impressive prayer by the Rev. Win. William s$ Swansea. Next came an address by the chairman, T.Phillips, Esq., J .P., Swansea, who prefaced his re- marts with an apol¬ ogy from Mr. Dill- wyn, M. P., who wish¬ ed him to express great regret at his inability to attend ; urgent business hav¬ ing called him away to London that very morning. The chairman, in the course of his re¬ marks, deprecated the tardiness with which Welshmen commemorated the labours of their illus¬ trious countrymen, but was happy to notice that progress appeared to be made in this direction, as witness, Howell Harris, Rowlands, Llangeitho, and to-day7 Williams, Pantycelyn, to be followed on the morrow by a similar ceremony to the memory of Jones, Llangan. "-=£=■-■ ----__;=. J. !*•»- The style of the building is Decorated Gothic; the walls are being built of stone from Dunvant Quarries, and the dressings of Bridgend Stone. The exterior dimensions of the chapel will be 52ft. by 34ft., and the schoolroom, &c., in the rear 40ft. by 21ft. The latter will be entered at side of chapel, and under the porch, &c, is the Heating Cham¬ ber. Accommodation will be provided in the chapel for 260 worshippers. The warming of the chapel will be effected by Grundy's System of warm air. The contract has been let to Mr. David Morgan, of Swansea, whose tender of £2120 was accepted. Mr. John H. Phillips, of Tynte Chambers, 24, Duke Street, Cardiff, is the Architect. The Rev. T. E. Thomas, one of the hon. sees.., next gave his statement. The amount subscribed up to the present was about £1,200, The cost of the building when completed, in¬ cluding purchase o* site, &c., will bs £3,000, hence a large amount was still to be got in, and he trusted that the ex¬ ample of the gentle¬ man whose telegram he was about to read, would be followed in an equally liberal manner by other opu¬ lent friends. A tele¬ gram was then read from D. Evans, Esq., Wellfield house, Llanelly, stating that though unable to at¬ tend he had forward¬ ed by post a cheque for £25, with more to follow if required. The central and engrossing event of the proceedings was now reached, when the chairman called uponD. Davies, Esq., ls> .P., Llandinam, who was received with loud cheers, to lay the first stone. His speech wag thoroughly charac¬ teristic of himself, vigorous, terse, and clear. He trusted above all things that the chapel would be opened free of debt, as nothing crushed young causes more than the incubus of debt. For himself, he was very pleased to subscribe £100 there and then, and, perhaps, would have something further to say in this direction at another period. He then laid the stone in true workmanlike fashion. Hymn 652 was then sung, " This stone to Thee in