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207 Alderley, seat of Matthew Hale, window in Brereton Church, Old Eccleston Church, and sundry views of Moreton, Crewe, &c. Stayley Bridge, Sandbach Cross as it once was—Alexander, Cathedral (etching), King's school, vestibule, and interior of chapter house, Interior of St. John's, chancel end ; another ditto, Large map of Chester, shewing tengate sluice at its first construction, A smaller map, shewing the same, but ten years later, MS. vols, original, 1610, possessions and dues of the Prince in Principality of Wales, Dukedom of Cornwall and of Lancaster, and Earldom of Chester, MS. Visitations of Cheshire, with original corrections, in handwriting of Flower and Glover, 1580, arms tricked, MS. original copy of the Vale Royal, very perfect, Altar, figure of Cupid, bronze eagle, inscribed slab, (all Roman,) Beeston Castle, large print, as of old (hypothetical), Large view of St. John and ruins, Cathedral ditto, Interior of a nunnery, old oil painting, bought at Chester, Mancunium; and Eddisbury, its ground plan, &c. Large picture of St. John's ruins and Church, with Wool- stapler's hall, Splendid illuminated MS. of Pedigree of Hugh Lupus, vellum folio, prior to 1610, said to be from collections of Booth of Twemlow, and presented to the City Library, Large elevation of the Town-hall, Chester, as originally built —[With this still in existence, it will indeed be inexcusable if the contemplated repairs of the building (its parapet especially) are not carried out accordingly, at least as far as feasible or consistent with strength.] Several large etchings of Chester, old Lamb-row, and St. Bride's especially, Large water colours of old Runcorn Church, Saighton Hall, Waverton Church, and two views of Nantwich Church, very good, By the late Mr. Harrison, architect, presented by Miss Harrison to the Society:— Interior of old Castle yard; old Castle gates ; interior of old Shire Hall, with its roof; St. Mary'3 Church and old Shire Hall; fine views of new Castle on both sides; also Castle gates,—all large coloured drawings, very good; Roman tesselated floor at the Lea, Shrewsbury. It is hoped that every one in possession of treasures of local interest, like the above, will produce them for inspection and for record at the next exhibition. Topham, Castle-street. ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto W. H. Massie Rev. R. Massie ditto ditto W. H. Massie W. Wardell Rev. W. B. Marsden Dr. Davies W. Beamont Marquess of Westminster City Library. Ellis Jones Ellis Jones Staunton, Chester FINIS.