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A Welsh andìnglìsli Monthly. Cylioeddiad Misol Cymraeg a Saesneg. EDITED BY MRS. M. L. HUGHES, HOLYHEAD. i Dwy Geinìog. ÍÌBRILL—APRIL, 1892. Price Two Pence. {£giut>t>&taò. AT Y CYHOEDD MEIBION A MERCHED CYMRU .. O GYLCH V VORÌ). €an Brutus. .. y beu .. luth jane jones gyda'r beirdd am dro gyda'r hwyr yn nghaergybl. GOHEBJAETH: Dr. Herber Evana a Merched Cymra ; Dyddlyfr Luk Edward gcmicnts. Tio.u.. ! to THE PUBLIC. . :1 i A GREETING AND A WELCOME. By Buddug. ! A FEW RARITIES ! NOTES BY THE WAY, By Llewelyn 3 j MY OPINION ABOUT HOLYHEAD. By an Amateur. 4 ! 1 CHIT-CHAT. By Owena. 5 j IN MEMORIAM .. 6 j THE LATÉ DUKE OF CLARENCE .. WOMAN'S INFLUENCE. .. | THE INCAUTIOUS USE OF MEDICINE. By n Pamily Physician. I UNDER THE STUDY LAMP. By Bookworm Page. 10 II 12 GUNN BROTHERS, Merehant Tailors, Contractors a*xxdl Oiatfìtters, COMMERCE HOUSE, General Drapers AND House. Furnisliers, "The County " I> *?aope**y Warehouse. i>, i>kos v Cyhoeddwr, oai^ j. R. Edwaros & Cu., -i, Stanley Crescent, Hoi.vhf.ad.