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NOW READY—CATALOGUE OF PRINTED LITERATURE IN THE WELSH DEPARTMENT. 552 pp. Is., by Post Is. 6d. The NI BYDD DOETH NI DDARLLENO. Pvblic Library Joyrnal Quarterly Magazine of the Cardiff and Penarth Free Public Libraries, and the Welsh Museum. Entered at the New York Post Office as second class matter. Vol. IV. Part 4. SEPTEMBER, 1903. PRICE ONE PENNY, or Eightpence per Annum delivered free. CONTENTS. Illustrations— i The Reredos, Llandaff Cathedral. Facsimile Letter of D. G. Rossetti ...... Notes and News ............... The Works of the P.R.B. in Llandaff Cathedral, bjr J. P. Seddon. Part III.......... Gifts from Patagonia Supplement 68-9 63 66 List of Books added to the Central Lending Library ... Penarth Public Library— Proposed New Library ... The Welsh Museum— The Future Index Collection, by G. R. Brook ... Museum Notes Bibliography of Wales. No. 15. 7i 74 75 77 CARDIFF LIBRARIES COMMITTEE. The Worshipful The Mayor, Alderman E. Thomas, J.P. (Chairman). W. Ronnfeldt (Vice-Chairman). Alderman Trounce, J.P. Councillor Hughes, J.P. Good. Veall, J.P. Symonds, J.P. Bird. Davis. W. Jones. Walter Hallett. I. Purnell. Councillor Roberts. ,, Richards. ,, Nicholls. Kidd. ,, Mander. Smith. Rev.W. E. Winks, F.R.A.S. J. L. Wheatley. E. W. Shackell, J.P. Dr. Wallace, J.P. R. W. Atkinson, B.Sc. Rev. J. Hayde. PENARTH FREE LIBRARY COMMITTEE. S. Thomas (Chairman). Albert Taylor, H.M.I. J. M. Jennings. W. J. Kennard. Llewelyn Davies. G. C. Thompson. ' J. H. Illingworth. THE WELSH MUSEUM COMMITTEE. The Worshipful the Mayor (Alderman E. Thomas. J.P.) H. M. Thompson, M.A. Evan Owen, J.P. D. Richards. T. J. Lean. Professor Powel, M.A. Professor Littledale, M.A. W. E. Singer. J. Pavey. M. Nicholas. Councillor Sidney Robinson (Chairman). Alderman D. Jones, J.P. Councillor Illtyd Thomas. ,, Trounce, J.P. ,, Williams. Sir T. Morel, J.P. I „ Richards. Councillor F.J. Beavan,J.P. „ Nicholls. „ Crossman, J.P. ,, Sessions. ,, Symonds, J.P. Councillor Yorath (Vice-Chairman). R. Drane, F.L.S. W. Goscombe John, A.R.A. J. J. Neale. T. W. Proger. T. H. Thomas, R.C.A. j Right Hon. Lord Windsor. | C. F. Thompson, J.P. Dr. C. T. Vachell, J.P. J. L. Wheatley. Rev.W. E.Winks, F.R.A.S. H. White, J.P. C. H. James, J.P. W. S. de Winton. Cardiff: PUBLISHED BY THE LIBRARIES COMMITTEE. PRINTED BY WILLIAM LEWIS, DUKE STREET.