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The NI BYDD DOETH NI DDARLLENO. PVBLIC Li Quarterly Magazine of the Cardiff and Penarth Free Publie Libraries, and the Cardiff Museum. Vol. II. Part 5. 1st JANUARY, 1900. PRICE ONE PENNY, or Sixpence per Annum delivered free. CONTENTS. Portrait—The Mayor of Cardiff........ Portrait—The late Mr. J. Pyke Thompson The Mayor of Cardiff, 1899-1900........ The Annual Report of the Cardiff PYee Librarie The Welsh Catalogue ........... ': Helen's Babies'* ... The remarkable story of a Poem ... Library Notes and News ........... PAGE. 106 . 124 , IO7 i IO7 , IOS 108 log , iog What Children read ... Special Reading List—South Africa Miss Ferrier's Novels, by L. W. Kempson New Books added to the Lending Library Penarth Library—New Books added to the I Cardiff Museum—A Munificent Otter Ancient Stone Implements ... Museum Notes ........... PAGE. ... 113 ... 114 ... 116 ... 117 .ibrary 122 ... 125 ... 125 ... 127 CARDIFF FREE LIBRARIES COMMITTEE. The Worshipful The Mayor (Councillor S. A. Brain, J.P.) Councillor E. Thomas. J.P. (Chairman). Herbert M. Thompson. M.A. (Vice-Chairman). Councillor Veall. W. Ronnfeldt. Rev. J. Hayde. Hallett. Rev.W.E. Winks, F.R.A.S. ,, Mevrick. I J. L. Wheatley. Symonds, J.P. E. W. Shackell, J.P. Chappell. " Dr. Wallace, J.P. Bird. R. W. Atkinson. B.Sc. Alderman Cory, J.P. ,, Trounce, J.P. Sanders, J.P. Councillor Tucker. ,, Munn. Good. Evan Owen, J.P. D. Richards. T. J. Lean. Professor Powel, M.A. William Scott. G. Carslake Thompson. J. M. Jennings.. T. Bevan. T. S. Lloyd. J. Ballinger. PENARTH FREE LIBRARY COMMITTEE. W. E, Singer (Chairman). S. Thomas. D. Morgan. J. Y. Strawson. R. Bevan. T. W. David. J. Pavey. J.P. W. Jones. T. Emlyn Tores. R. J. Hancock. Llewellyn Davies. J. H. Illingworth. W. J. Kennard. Albert Taylor, H.M.I. CARDIFF MUSEUM COMMITTEE. The Worshipful the Mayor (Councillor S. A. Brain. J.P.) Councillor C. A. J. Ward (Chairman). Alderman Trounce, J.P. Councillor F. J.Beavan, J.P. E. Thomas. J.P. ,, Andrews, J.P. ,, Crossman. White, J.P. ,, Meyrick. Councillor Symonds. J.P. VWH. Tucker. ,, Yorath. Right Hon. Lord Windsor. W. Cook. R. Drane, F.L.S. Councillor I. Thomas (Vice-Chairman). W. Goscombe John. A.R.A. Dr. C. T. Vachell, J.P. J. L. Wheatley. Rev.W. E. Winks. F.R.A.S. J.J. Neale. Prof. W. N. Parker. Ph.D. T. W. Proger. T. H. Thomas. R.C.A. C. F. Thompson, J.P. A. H. Trow. B.Sc. W. S. Boulton, A.R.CSc. C. H. James, J.P. Cat-toff: WILLIAM LEWIS, PRINTER, DUKE STREET.