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Y CERDDOR SOL-FFA. WvM. íftft, W CWSG, FY MABAN, CWSG. (^Uep, ttttj âatUng, sleep-) DOH D. mp Cwsg, Sleep, d1 Cwsg, M. 60. Andante. - .n | r .d : fy maban, my darling, :- .d |t, .d :t, cwsg, :- .s |f .n :s fy maban, cwsg, my darling, sleep, cwsg sleep cwsg sleep, S| 6LEE. :- .'t |1 .s : beb fraw, in peace, :- .r |f .n :r cwsg, |t :t | s :s fa - ban, sleep in lii :f W. M. Roberts, "Wrexbam, 1877. :- .t,l|s cwsg sleep d1 cwsg, peace, :- .r,d|pi :f .n beb and :r ,d d1 :- |- :fetM(fe fraw, beb dreani in s :- .f,n|n :r .d fy mab - an, my dar - ling, s :- .8 |1 :1 Cwsg, fy mab - an, Slcep my dar - ling, n :- .r,d|l, :r s : — fraw, peace, t, :- cwsg sleep cwsg sleep !- :f heb in | r : — beb heb in It, :- :n fraw, peace, r :d fraw, peace, s :s fraw, heb peace, in d :d :pi fraw, peace, |r :d PP d' .,t :r' .d1 | n' .r1 :1 .t cwsg, sleep, pi .,r :f .n | s .f :d .r :- s :- cwsg, sleep, |P1 :- |d' cwsg, sleep, cwsg, sleep, d „t, :d .t, Id'.'t, :d .f :- .r my :- .t fy my oyf. xn.—RMf 135.