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SWANSEA Grammar School flftagasme- Vol. 6. DECEMBER, 1909. No. 3. Editors— P. P. Jones. E. T. Roberts. Committee— A. L. Davies, D. J. Demery, E. L. Protheroe, Les. Jones, C. B. Excell, I. P. Thomas, Ivor Davies, F. C. Keating, F. Palmer, J. W. Moffat, R. E. Fortune, H. Packer. EDITORIAL. With this number the Magazine completes its sixth year, and with the next will appear an index for vols. 4-6 ; and those boys—and we hope they are many—who wish to have their copies bound, can replace any lost numbers from our reserve stock. This Term the Rugby team have made a record—or should it be have broken a record,—they have won the Llandovery match. The Soccer section are thus far unbeaten. The Swimming Club has covered itself with glory. We cannot publish the scores of the later cricket matches, nor the characters of the team—nothing can be found. The Captain went away with the Deb. Society records and one of the Library keys, and it required a special messenger to be sent to Aberystwyth, before these were forthcoming. But surely to have taken away the characters of a whole cricket team renders him liable to prosecution for libel! We heartily congratulate B. R. Lewis on attaining his Rugger Blue and thus justifying our prophecy of July last, and we hope soon to congratulate G. S. Arthurs on further success in the Civil Service; we thank both for their letters. As a new feature, we have now introduced for the first time lists of new boys, of recently departeds, and of those at the Universities. We are also trying to keep abreast of, and even in advance of the times, by publishing articles on roller-skating, aeroplaning, and other events of 1950. The stage is up, the rehearsals well advanced, and all are now looking forward to the Xmas Dramatics and the holidays.