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Swansea Grammar School fll>aoa3ine. Vol. 6 JULY, 1909. No. 2. Editors— J. F. Powell. E. W. Barton. Committee— E. C. Carr. E. T. Roberts. B. O'Sullivan. J. Roberts. M. D. Jones. Ivor Davies. A. L. Prichard. I. P. Thomas. T. Bairdow. F. Palmer. G. H. Packer. EDITORIAL. This Term the Upper School have been very busy preparing for the C.W.B. Exam, and the Editors have in addition had Scholarship Exams, in view; Magazine contributions have accordingly been unusually few, and had it not been for the support of Old Boys, no magazine would have been issued this Term. However, Mr. Leyshon, writing from H.M.S. Duke of Edinburgh, has sent us an experience in the Indian Ocean and we shall ask for more. Monsieur Brynne Louis, as we may now perhaps call him, has provided us with a piece de resistance, which will be greatly appreciated. As he is going up to Cam¬ bridge shortly, we shall live in hopes of soon being able to congratulate him on obtaining his " rugger blue," for we believe that his determination to " burn his boots " before going up will be a futile precaution. Out of school, the outstanding events of the Term have been the absence of Marley from his post, the slow, very slow growth of the bicycle house and the addition of the more or less welcome fringe of culture, haughty-culture, round the lower playground. Next Term will see the School Chemical Laboratory installed in the present Engineering Department, next to the Art Room.