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Swansea (Brammar School fll>aoa3tne- Vol. 5. JULY, 1908. No. 2. Editors— M. Hoskin. H. Hemming. Committee— E. W. Barton. A. Lloyd. J. H. Davies. J. Roberts. B. O'Sullivan. J. A. Perry. B. Ladd. A. V. Parsons. A. J. Dann. H. Daniel. H. J. Kirkman. EDITORIAL. The prosperity which attended the last issue of the Magazine has not deserted it this Term. It is a great pleasure to be able to say that we have not had any great difficulty in collecting sufficient matter. Our firm friend G. S. Arthurs has again given us his support. H. Hemming has given us a description of his experiences in the gentle art of " making up." There are the accounts of the School games and the Annual Sports, together with other articles; but the chief interest is concentrated round the Dramatic Entertainment, both on account of its novelty and of its complete success. But perhaps it would be well to mention that there are two grounds for complaint, lest the gods, always jealous of excessive prosperity in mortals, should smite us in the consciousness of our success. We are still without a School Song ; we are still waiting for boys in the lower Forms to take a greater part in the composition of the Magazine. If these two defects were remedied we might even forget to trouble about the support of the Old Boys, though we sincerely hope that the Old Boys will never cease to trouble about the prosperity of the School Magazine.