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Swansea (Srammar School fll>aQa3me* Vol. 5. MARCH, 1908. No. 1. Editors— M. Hoskin. H. Hemming. Committee— E. W. Barton. A. Lloyd. J. H. Davies. J. Roberts. B. O'Sullivan. J. A. Perry. B. Ladd. A. V. Parsons. A. J. Dann. C. Lyons. H. J. Kirkman. EDITORIAL. Last Term the Editors had to lament the lack of matter sent in, and the School grumbled that the issue was not as interesting as usual. This Term the Editors have no complaint to make and they hope the School will not have any either. The present number contains, in addition to the usual records of Speech Day, Examination Results and Football, a School Story, accounts of a very successful Paper Chase, a Voyage to Mexico, experience in Fishing, and the growth of a Hockey Club. The School now possesses a String Band, and the beginnings of a Dramatic Society. The Editors regret that so far, the Magazine has not received from the Old Boys that support which they considered themselves justified in expecting. It was anticipated that the Magazine would be regarded as a valuable link between the Past and the Present, and we are much surprised that it has not, in fact, been utilized for this purpose to a far greater extent. For example, 100 extra copies were printed in the corresponding Term last year, with an account of the First Old Boys' Dinner, but only two of these copies were bought by Old Boys.