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Gyf. t. PRÊS CEINIOG. Rhif 9. 0b) Ẅ - pYMWELYDDMISni J* (DARLUNIADOL.) III CYHOEDDIAD ANENVväDOL, V ^l^f^-ATWASANAETH "^fíf^ YSCOLION SULACAELWYDYDD CYMRU. J.E.C.W. A B00K F0R ----------------- THE HOLIDAYS. See the late Mr. GLADSTONE'S comments below. A NOTABLE NOYEL, s £ewis: MiNISTER OF BETHEL s An Autobiography by Daniel Owen, Mold. Mwry Methodist should read it. The late Mr. Gladstone founâ time to do so, and wrote :— '■*■ 1 have read through, ' The Life of Rhys Lewis,' which you kindly sent me. Its delineations of Welsh character are the best which I have seen, and nothing cau be happier than the mode in which the highest truths are exhibited in contact with less elevated matter. I apply these remarks especially to the first moiety of the work." Cloth, lllustrated, 316 Published by HUGHES & 50N, WREXHAM. , 'fll'ì ARÖREFFIR A CHYHOEDDIR QAN HU0HE5 A'I FAB, YN EU 5WYDDFA "PRINCIPALITY PRESS," GWRECSAM.