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- . ... ... _ 1 1 1 Official Organ j | 4BA A mgk m of the Forward 7lAii 7 AAiAlA Movement of. cue torcn* t»3 | Wales.......! i -----^----------.-------^---------------------------1 Vol. 5. No. 9. [New Series] SEPTEMBER, 1908. Price One Penny. (Post Free, 1/6 per annum, prepaid) The Superintendent's Notes. The Late Rev. William James. IT is with heartfelt sorrow I refer to the death of the Rev. William James, Aber- dare. In his departure the Welsh pulpit lost one of its brightest ornaments, and Calvinistie Methodism one of its noblest sons. At the very commencement of his ministry he stepped into the fore¬ most rank of preachers, and he kept his position to the very end. In my opinion he gave his hearers a new conception of the dignity of the ministry of the Gospei. He was profound rather than brilliant thinker ; thoughtful rather than eloquent. Possibty, on account of the purity of his style and his great culture, he did not tickle the fancy of the masses; but to the thoughtful he was one of God's prophets. Like Moses, he proved himself faithful in his whole house. At its very inception he saw the grand possibilities of the Forward Movement, he discovered in it an opportunity of reaching the lapsed masses, so he threw himself heart and soul into the work. He remained an Assembly Director to the day of his death. But " God buries his workmen and carries on his work." The Death of Dr. John Roberts. The death of Dr. John Roberts, our eminent missionary on Khassia Hills, came upon us all as a surprise. He was so full of life, and his nature was so optimistic, that it is difficult for me to realise that he is gone. It was only last October that he left this country. He went forth full of faith, and of the Holy Ghost, caring nothing whether he would return provided he could finish his course with joy. He had all the qualifications of a great missionary—know¬ ledge of human nature, a heart full of courage, deep sympathy with erring humanity, great patience, and a soul filled with the grace of God. I am afraid he shortened his life with overwork. He came home about a year and a half ago, nominally to take rest, but instead of rest¬ ing he went about the country preaching, lecturing, and advocating the claims of the Mission. As if that were not enough, he would visit the United States. Really, he was burning the candle at both ends. His departure means a terrible loss to our Mission in India. But God is able to fill every gap.