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i . Che torch. Official Organ of the Forward Movement of . the Presbyter¬ ian Church of Wales....... L_ ........- ■—.....-----------------------......— —.....- -----......-----------; Vol. 4. No. 2. [New Series] FEBRUARY, 1908. Price One Penny. 'Post Free, 1/6 per annum, prepaid) Acting Superintendent's Notes. Feeding- and Clothing the Children. THIS winter already has been one of unusual severity. During the bitter frost through which we have passed many of the poorer classes suffered great privations. In our cities and large towns especially, crowds of poor people, and I am afraid an increasing number, live from hand to mouth ; they never think of the rainy day, and if they did think possibly they would not be able to make any preparation for it. Consequently, when any misfortune occurs, such as inability to work by reason of frost or snow, they are almost instantly face to face with starvation. Such was the case with many at the last frost. My heart bled for the poor children, ill clad, worse fed, some not fed at all, who shivered in the cold. But "God tempers the wind to the shorn lamb." Benevolent men and charitable organizations sprang into activity. The readers of the "Torch " will be glad to know that our evangelists were foremost in this good work. At several of the halls hundreds of children were provided every day with soup, articles of clothing, and other neces¬ saries of life. Some of them attend the Forward Movement services; but they brought others as hungry as themselves. However no question was asked, and no distinction was made ; all were treated in the same manner. I believe that our centres will gradually become the channels through which the benevolence of the charitable will flow. Nothing can be more Christlike. After all, Christianity and humanity are very much akin. © @ A Movement in the Right Direction. The Forward Movement churches in New¬ port have commenced a movement which the other centres would do well to follow. They have determined upon concerted action. Once a quarter they mean to hold united meetings at one of the halls, so as to bring their whole force in the town to bear upon that particular neighbourhood. The series began the first Monday in the year, with a meeting at Corporation Road Hall, where Evangelist Roderick Jones is labouring with much success. Nothing daunted, the evangelists held an open-air meeting in the drizzling rain, then they marched back singing along the streets until they reached the hall. The first thing I saw when enter¬ ing the schoolroom was a man on his knees, trying to pray. Although distinctly under the influence of drink he realized his con-