Tlie Bordi The Official Organ of The Forward Movement of the Presbyterian Church of Wales. VOL. i. No. it. [New Series] NOVEMBER. Price One Penny 'Post Free 2s. per annum, prepaid;. Ik laU JUt. Dc, Hamas of The language of David king of Israel, over the death of the brave Abner, may well be applied to the late Dr. James, of Manchester, " Know ye not that there is a prince and a great man fallen this day in Israel." By the death of Dr. James, our race as well as our Denomination has lost one of its strongest men. One of the greatest modern writers says, " Great men are not the whole of life, but they are the condi¬ tions of all the race ; if it were not for the big men the little ones could scarcely live. The first requisites of religion and civilization are outstanding characters. The great man serves his generation—serves the whole race—by arresting [the drift [of deadly forces that destroy." Human history, as well as the history of human redemption through Jesus Christ proves that " A man " shall be a " hiding place from the wind and a covert from the tempest as rivers of water in a dry place—as the shadow of a great rock in 'a. weary- land. " When the powers of the Roman Church and Roman ^Empire checked for a little by the effort which began the Reformation, gathered themselves together and rose in an awful front of Emperor, Car¬ dinals, and Princes, at the Diet of Worms, what was it that [stood fast [against that drift of centuries of error and wrongdoing, "and proved the rock under whose shelter men dared to read God's [pure Word again and preach the Gospel ? It was the word of a lonely monk (Martin Luther), "Here stand I, I cannot otherwise, So help me, God." History is full of drifts of superstition, error, and all manner of evil which makes for the destruction of the people. And what has saved them from being overwhelmed is that God has raised some great man, and placed him as a [rock to [save his brethren from the deadly [blast. " Under God, personal human power is the highest force ; and God has ever used it as His chief instrument." Dr. James was a tower of strength to his race, his Denomination, and especially to the Forward Move¬ ment, in the time of storm. He could always be relied upon to do the right thing at the right time; and al¬ though naturally somewhat slow of speech, he became volcanic and his eloquence overwhelming when cham¬ pioning [the rights of God and the .claims of the perishing. The Movement has lost some good stal¬ wart friends during its short history, such as Rev. D Saunders (its first President), and Edward Davies, Esq., J.P., Llandinam (its first General Treasurer), as well as Revs. Principal D. C. Davies, M.A., Trevecca, and Principal Thos. Chas. Edwards, D.D., Bala, and the saintly Wm.Powell of Pembroke. The memory