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L. I. C. & M. I. e^KK^D lili^bi^tQ M;£5S$^M. The Messenger of the Catholic Church (Cambro Breton Mission), LLANRWST, North Wales. J°* a^chv^ Vol> i 25th February 1910. No. 28. *fi» *>f<? •$!» *&• *$* ^ *$* *$* *$* ^ *$* ^ *$* *$* *!§? *$* *$* ^ *$* 4? ^* *$* *$? *?«* ^ *if<? ^ *&* *$* 4* ^ ^ 6t EWCH AT IOSEPH, 95 sr T. JOSEPH was the the spouse of the Blessed Virgin, and the foster-father of our Divine Lord. Though of the royal family of David, he led a laborious life, supporting himself and the Holy Family by the sweat of'his brow. His lot, though poor, was very happy,—as he lived, worked, conversed and prayed with Jesus and Mary. This happiness, however, did not exclude suffering, which is the heritage of the Saints. His character is given in few but expressive words of Holy Scripture : " He was a just man" (Matth., i, 19). What a great deal is contained in these few words ! They tell us that he fulfilled his duties to God, to his neighbour, and to himself. In this triple exercise is found the greatest perfection ; and, when we find the Holy Ghost bearing testimony to St. Joseph on this head, we must be convinced of his sanctity. Moreover, our Divine Lord obeyed him for nigh thirty years, and gave him every mark of respect and love that a child owes his father, and the Blessed Virgin honoured and obeyed him as a spouse. Can we, then, fail to honour him and place confidence in his intercession,—especially in our temporal wants, as it was his special duty to look after the maintenance of the Holy Family? He is a model to us of resignation to the will of God in trying circumstances. He teaches us especially that the performance of great things is not necessary for attaining a high degree of sanctity, but only to perform well our ordinary duties. Another virtue of our Saint that we must try to imitate is his purity ; the lily in his hand seems to call our particular attention to it: the evils of the time press us the more—bad companions, a wicked press (pouring out daily torrents of impure literature), and the various attractions got up for vain pleasure. His death was unique : He peacefully breathed forth his last sigh in the arms of Jesus and Mary,—and has thus always been regarded as the patron of the dying. In order then to obtain the same favour of dying a holy and happy death, through his powerful intercess¬ ion, we should never, at night prayers, omit the ejaculation : " Holy Saint Joseph, pray for me, and obtain for me the grace of dying, like thee, in the arms of Jesus and Mary." Washbourne's "Catholic Life." Besides every Wednesday in the year, the whole month of March is specially consecrated to St. Joseph, while his solemn feast occurs on the 19th of the same month : don't forget it 1