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L. I. C. & M. I. e^KK&b Mi^D^^i^ Mi&]^s$^m. The Messenger of the Catholic Church (Camhro Breton Mission), LLAWRWST, North Wales. A CHV^ Vol. I. 30th January 1910. No. 24. fa «$* *f* ff» •§• •§• •$• •$? 4? •!• •§• 4* •$» «$* •!• •§• 4? 4* ♦ 4? •&• 4? 4* ♦ 4* 4* 4* 4? 4» 4* 4* 4 «SR» •Mi* GOD AND MLZLX*. ------------->~«^«—«------------ The great Creator looked down from Heaven,—that Heaven whose gate was closed to fallen mankind through Adam's disobedience. And, in His mercy, love and charity for His creatures—the creation of His own Hand,—He willed that now would be the promised time when He would give a Saviour for the redemption of the world___ The Heavenly King called the Archangel Gabriel, and said : "Go quickly, and make known Our Will to an humble maiden who, by her pure, holy, unselfish life, is fit to be the Virgin Mother of the Redeemer of Our people,—Maey the daughter of Anne and Joachim, of the house of David." Gabriel, accompanied by a choir of Cherubs, went in great haste, and found the holy Virgin, to whom he gave the divine message. And, at her answer—" Behold the hand¬ maid of the Lord"—" the Word was made Flesh" and the redemption of man was assured. And for the first time in Heaven the countless choirs of angels sang : " Ave, Maria, gratia plena : Hail, Mary, full of grace ! " From that moment, angels hovered near and around the Virgin Mother until the time had come, which Moses and the Prophets sighed to behold. Then, in a stable, on a little straw, the Lord and Creator of heaven and earth chose to be born,—in order to- open to man the gate of heaven which had closed since the fall of Adam. And, for the second time, the choir of Angels made a new hymn: "Gloria in excelsis Deo, et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis; Glory be to God on high, and on earth peace to men of good will! " MOIRA BOOTHE, Trefriw. It is with great pleasure that we publish the foregoing article. Besides opportunely reminding us of our Divine Saviour's Incarnation when, with the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we are leaving the joyous mysteries of our Lord's Birth and Infancy for the sorrowful mysteries of His Passion and Death—themselves a preface to- the glorious mysteries of our Redeemer's Resurrection and Ascension,—this article sets a good example to the members of our congregation and other friends who can hold a pen. Let them come forward with their own little articles or paragraphs. G.M. TREBAOL, O.M.I.