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L. I. C. & M. I. e^KK^D Mi^r>^$aQ M&NS$s;ffl. The Messenger of the Catholic Church, (Cambro Breton Mission), LLANRWST, North Wales. Se. I. November 7th, 1909. No. 12. 4* 4* 4» 4* 4* 4* 4» 4* 4* 4* 4* 4? 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* > ■^•<- < ...The Rev. W. J. Jones, of the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Mission in Brittany, " dares " again make the statement that,—for the " many years " he attended the special sermons preached during Lent, &c., in the Cathedral at Quimper,—he "never, never heard one" on the " person (and work) of Jesus Chbist." Well, I " dare " also again say that this is a bare falsehood, unless, by saying he " never, never heard one " sermon on Cheist, he only means that he is afflicted with the same maladies he so kindly attributes to me, viz.: surdity or want of knowledge of the language spoken by the preacher. Besides my own " experience," here is a statement of facts for him : Since 1873, the Quimper Cathedral preachers have had to follow a course of instruction, which has now been gone through at least four or five times, and which contains over ten sermons on the Adorable Person of Jesus Cheist alone ; besides, a great many other sermons have no other subject but Jesus Cheist and His Work ; Bishop Duparc's Pastoral, last Lent, dealt with nothing else, &c. As to Mr. Jones's saying that the Blessed Virgin Mary " holds a greater place in the minds of the people than the Triune God " or our Lord and Saviour Jesus Cheist, I con¬ tend that it is nothing short of a calumny. I am afraid that his " twenty-seven years' observation " has been been carried on, on very defective lines ! Has he never noticed that the Breton Catholics never commence or finish anything of importance in their daily life without invoking the Most Holy Trinity,—that they have great respect for the numerous representations (they find almost everywhere) of our Lord's Death on the Cross,—that they love to meditate on our Saviour's Passion in their churches and elsewhere,—that they very often go to Holy Communion (which is, for Mr. Jones himself, at least a memorial of the '' Last Supper"), &c. After the Blessed Trinity and our Lord Jesus Cheist, the Virgin Maey holds the place of honour in their devotion ; but that is all and that is certainly due to her as to the Mother of Cheist, who certainly Himself, as a good Son, mast honour and reverence her. (" Llanrwst Weekly News ": October 22, 1909). G.M. TREBAOL, O.M.I.