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©tye grjeomtcm* EDITORIAL. THE fast-approaching end of Term once more warns the poor, overworked Editors that it is now high time to collect material for their Magazine. With many a groan, then, we take our seat in our (metaphorical) chair and so to work. Football is the chief source of interest this Term. The season, on the whole, has been tolerably successful—more so, in fact, than a casual glance at the fixture card would lead one to suppose. For though the number of matches lost exceeds the number of victories, our defeats have always been sustained at the hands of superior teams. To be defeated by a strong team after a good game is surely more profitable than to win without difficulty against a poor scratch side. The game against Monmouth resulted in a handsome victory for us. We hoped to be successful in our other School match but • Dis— or to the referee—aliter visum? We were glad to hear of E. D. T. Jenkins' success in obtaining a First Class in 'Greats,' a fitting conclusion to his distinguished Oxford career, and we tender him our best Wishes for the future.