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§fe (Kttptnw J&tmtilat[i Vol. ii. No. 15. OCTOBER, 1892. Price One Penny. MRS. J. E. RAY, OUR LADY EVANGELIST. .IpIpiHE subject of our sketch this moht (fjjj^ Evangelist J. E. Ray, whose p ith is the wife of portrait we pub¬ lished in our last number, and the first lady evan. gelist who labours in connection with the Cardiff Evangelistic Movement. Mrs. Ray is the daughter of Mr. Thomas Jones, of Treforest, Pontypridd. She was born on Christmas Day, 1865. She received her early religious training with the Wesleyan Metho¬ dists, She attributes her conversion to God to her husband's min¬ istry, and the latter claims her as a wife, sister, and daughter. In 1884 she left her home in order to assist Miss Lear, who conducted a mission at Briton Ferry. She com¬ menced her ministry by singing the gospel, but later on she was induced to preach, and she possesses a fine voice, and a de¬ liberative, convincing style of preaching. She laboured at Briton Ferry for some four months ; then she laboured for a few weeks at Monmouth. Her next removal was to Coleford, Glouces¬ tershire. Her mission here was very success- AWi. ■-,.•. ._ .>#■::-'■■« ml, the Town Hall being crowded Sunday after Sunday. Afterwards she held meetings at Cinderford and Blakeney. After this bhe was compelled to leave the work, and retire to her brother in Leicestershire for six months. At the end of that period she re+nw'J vColeford, where she was married to Mr. Rr- """- -^ey have been holding missio \ important part in the work at Shrewsbury, recorded in our sketch of Mr. Ray. In the midst of that cruel persecution she would always be at her husband's side. When the crowd yelled, she would step into the ring and sing a solo, which had a marvellous effect in restoring peace. It was very trying for a young bride to be escorted home by the police night after night. Whenever Mr. Ray was arrested for alleged dis¬ turbances, the work never suffered if Mrs. Ray was there, The last time Mr. Ray was summoned, and a verdict of one shilling fine or fourteen days' imprisonment was re¬ turned, Mrs.* Ray held a meeting immediately outside the court. But under such a strain nature gave way, and they were compelled to retire from the field on account of the ill- health of Mrs. Ray. It was at Ipswich that Mrs. Ray had oppor¬ tunities of practising to speak in public. Jointly, the two evan¬ gelists conducted a mission with marked success for three years. Mrs. Ray has been lately holding missions at several places, such as Pontypridd, North Wales, Dinas Powis, Castlebrook, Nanty- moel, as well as at the centres of the Evangelistic Move¬ ment. At home her preaching is very much appreciated. The successful labours of Mrs. Ray have forcibly impressed the workers in Cardiff with the advisability of encouraging and utilising lady missionaries at home. It is to be hoped that many of our sisters will follow her example.