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^m\n çjfgdi Cyf. I. MEHEFIN, 1888. Rhif. 6. SIR GEORGE TREYELYAN AND WELSH DISES- TABLISHMENT. |HE address on Welsh Disestablishment and Dis- endowment, which was delivercd by Sir George Trevelyan at the recent annual meetings of the Liberation Society, is of such marked historical value that we have thought it advisablc to reproduce it. We may state that it has been specially revised by Sir George Tre- velyan for the pages of Cymru Fydd. Sir George said:— I feel myself highly privileged because on such an occasion, before such a meeting as this, which has assembled to maintain such wide and far-reaching principles, I am permitted to ask you to apply thosc principles to a special case, for which their application affords the onl}' remedy for a great iujustice and a vcry great and pressing danger. But before I come to that spccial case, I hope you will allow me to say a few words of personal explanation. I do not think that a public nian would be justified to ask the assistance of such an establishcd and powerful organization as this for any particular purpose, unless hc was quite frank and candid in his own position with rcgard to the general principles which that organization is constitutcd to promote. Now I should never fecl justified in using the principle of religious equality for any local purpose, however important, and then to let that principlc drop, as if it could onîy be applied in special cascs and under spccial circumstances, and still less would I