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Cyf. III. MEHEFIN, 1890. Rhif 6. A SAD STORY. |HE Rev. Henry William Clarke, B.A., a clergyman of the Church of England, has published a short pam- phlet,* most clearly and beautifully printed, which eontains carefully compiledand admirably arranged statistics of the past and present revenues of the Church of England in Wales. All information respectiug the revenues of the four Welsh Dioceses has betn brought together under distinct headings, and we have, in small compass and convenient form, all imaginable particulars, and many which the simple heart of a Dissenter would never have imagined, drawn at an immense expenditure of labour and time from the best sources, such as Acts of Parliamcnt, àuthorized reports of Royal Commissioners and Ecclesiastical Commissioners, and such like historic documents. No thoughtful reader can peruse Mr. Clarke's few, but weighty words, and glauce over his elaborate tables and significant figures without feeling that the story he tells is a very sad one. That so much of the nation's treasure *The Past and Present|Revenues of the Church of England IN Wales, with other iniportant historical particulars, taken froni the best official sourcea. By the Rev. Henry William Clarke, B.A. (Church of England), author of n A History of Tithes From Abraham to Queen Victoria." 1890. To be had from H. Morris and E. Williams, Book- sellers, Dolgelley. 21