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Cyf. III. MAI, 1890. Rhif 5. THE POLITICAL AND SOCIAL ECONOJ^ISTS OF WALES. 'ù .' BY IVOR BOWEN, BARRISTER AT LAW, GRÄYS' INN. i'oCfJB "•■ HAT branch of human fcnowledge^Jjifth includes the study of the social phenon^^ tp which wealth gives rise, with the do^l^/e J ,purpose of investigating its causes and considering its.r^la^ public and private well-being, is at present itt.j.a^Y.çry critical position. Generally known and referred to,^ " £he science of Polttical EJconomy," it has succeeded \n -jjjocljjCjing a con- troversial spirit amongst its votaries jup^fc ^s^^^t were a question of party politics or theologicaj, $yjfjej.]ejtçe. Its position is, therefore, not altogether .sa^^actom It is a subject studtcd only by a few, and there^nojjjjiat interesfe taken in economical science which was .e^ibjtefl^a short period ago in this country. It is not a popular science 011 account of its dreaded dulness; and although it has been defined as the science of business, its theoretical study has been left to a few students who are theiẃ elves divided as to its extent and limits. Radical commerçiaì men look on with disdaiu and amusement at the rival schools; and leader writers in newspapers alone gravely invoke its immutable principîes when they desire to puherise and confuse their