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Cyf. III. EBRILL, 1890. Rhif 4. THE WELSH " HYMNS ANCIENT AND MODERN." HE Church of England as established bÿ law ia Wales, is called by its zealous supporters " the British Church," " the Church of Wales," " the historic Church," and " the National Church." These phrases have been s> often and pertinaciously repeated of late, thac people are in danger of beginning to think that there is some truth in thcni. We are occasionaüy assured with great solemnity that not only is the Church in Wales the genuine " Welsh. Church," but that the Church iu England is also really the " Welsh Church." The " alien Church" is actually not the Church of England in Wales but the Church of England in England itself, only John Bull, poor fellow, is too hopelessly stupid ever to understand the fact! The masses in Wales may feel sadly puzzled to answer the quibbles, and to refute the technical niceties employcd by Church defenders to prove the formal identity of the prescnt ecclesiastical Establishment in Wales, with the ancient Church founded iu our land soon after the days of the apostles; but in spite of all these legal cobwebs, Welshmcm know very well that the Church in Wales is nothing else than the English Church transplanted bodily into Wclsh soil. It is no more a Welsh Church than the present County Court in Wales, where the 13