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tomttt <$%M. Cyf. I TACHWEDD, 1888. Rhif. 11. A UNIYERSITY FOR WALES. |N" the 14th of June last, the University of Bologna celebrated its eight hundredth anniversary. The provincial capital put on its best array for the occasion, and, had time permitted, would have straightened up even its leaning towers. It had soníething, too, to see: representatives, old and young, of half the universities of Europe, and of many beyond the seas; the professors with their long gowns and hoods of brilliant hues, not so often seen in public 011 the Continent; the students in a still strano-er dress; the Germans with their long scarves and swords, the biggest men as usual with the scantiest head- dress ; the French clustering round their tricolour flag ; the Italians displaying the produce of their native towns, a large cheese from Pavia, a wine-cask from Turin, an ox ready for slaughter from Padua, and so forth. The disputes of politics seemed for the time forgotten, and the elders discussed their theories, and the younger sang their songs, without troubling for the moment about Bismarck or Boulanger ; and we may hope that all parted with more generous feelings towards " their friends the enemy " than those with which they came. If science cannot to-day keep the peace of the world, it is something that it should form the excuse for á few days' truce.* * Seo the interesting account in tho JRevue des deux Mondcs for August lst, 1888, from which the details as to the histcry of Bologna given below are taken. 2 T