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iptp (JfgM. Cyf. I. MAWRTH, 1888. Rhif. 3. WELSH DISESTABLISHMENT, PAST AND PRESENT: WALES AND MR. GLADSTONE. I.—THE LATEST MYTH. ORD SALISBURY is not the only Tory tactician who has tried to counterfeit veracity, by asserting that Mr. Gladstone has bargained with Wales to give us State Church Disestablishment and Disendowment in return for our support of his Irish Home Rule policy. Church of England divines, whose academic accomplishments seem to have had a bewildering eíFect upon their power of distinguishing between truth and falsehood, and who consequently mistake falsehood for truth, cheer and chirp, the statement with cheerful vigour of lung. They do not nppear to detect any incongruity or inconsistency in what they thus utter: their pockets and principles get inextricably " mixed up," and in the jiugle of disturbed endowments their principles find a way into their pockets,—and they dream dreams. This is the most charitable method cf looking at the matter ; it would be heresy unpardonablc to assume, and much more to assert, that men who profess apostolic succession, as moral preceptors of the people, are degrees lower in the attainment of simple morality than those whom thèy are supposed to edify and exalt. No fear, however, need be entertained, that this transparent jesuitry will prove a stone of stumbling to Disestablishment