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(îfprp ^U. Cyf. I. IONAWR, 1888. Rhif. 1. TO OUR READERS. JN issuing the first number of a Nationalist publication for Wales, we feel that no apology is necessary. Welsh mind and aim have during the past two- years been unceasingly and decisively directed towards the remedy of home grievances, social and political. The irre- sistible constraint of external conditions has made political quietism no longer possible amongst us. State Churchism, educational monopoly and jobbery, a landed system which has- degenerated into rude despotism :— these and other baleful evils have oppressed beyond the bounds of further endurance the life of the people of Wales. The interested and propertied classes have seen the flame of civil discontent and commo- tion extending ;—State Church priests and Tory landowners, they have entered into informal league and covenant to- suppress its development. The clergyman is frequently a more bitter foe of popular rights than the priest. Cajolery and coercion, intimidation, and unblushing falsifìcation of facts have been resorted to by these men in order to still the storm and tumult. But the masses in Wales have outgrown the feel- ing of fear. WTant is a grim teacher. The spirit and strength of the nation are bent upon thorough reform of the abuses which degrade their existence. We have the image and reflex