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% |Ws|W far ik$ J|?n oft % 3$tl§h jfUgtyeitt. Vol. IV. No. 2.] TRIMULGHERRY, DECCAN, INDIA-APRIL 1896. [Price 3 Annm CONTENTS. Domestic Occurrences Editorial Motes ... Extracts from Battalion Orders ... Wellington Letter Sir Rupert's Letter Depot Notes First Battalion Notes "WMnes from.the Wood ... The Army Bine Association A Trip to Japan... Sporting and Dramatic— (Secnnderabad Gymkhana Meeting—Inter Company Association Football Tourna¬ ment—Theatricals " The Sorcerer." ... ... 23 Miscellaneous:—(A. T. A. Concert, A. T. A. Dance Club " Jangles from our own Jingler. A Regimental Yarn.) Answers to Correspondents Regimental Contemporaries Subscriptions acknowledged Advertisements.. Page .. 16 .. 16 .. 16 .. 17 .. 18 .. 19 ,.. 20 .. 20 .;. 20 .. 21 ... 22 NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS. EVERYONE who takes an interest in the Regimental Paper is earnestly requested to contribute to our columns. All communications relating to the Regiment will have the first claim on our space. Accounts of shooting trips, sports of all kinds, and personal adventures will come next, and if we have space, short stories and a few jokes will be welcomed. The Editor and Sub-Editor will be pleased to have interviews with men who have matters of interest to relate, and who doubt their powers of putting them on paper. Contributions should be legibly written on foolscap if possible, and only on one side of the paper, and must be accompanied by the name of the sender, which will be published unless otherwise desired. MSS. if enclosed in a wrapper instead of an envelope, can be sent at the rate of -J anna for 10 tolas or \ d. for 2 ozs. Subscriptions in India should be paid by Money Order, and subscrip¬ tions from home by Post Office Orders, as Postal Orders are not negotiable in India. Stamps in future, will not be acknowledged. Contributions should reach the Editor before the 15th of each month, and be addressed to— The Editor, " Men of Harlech," 2/Welsh Regiment—Trimulgherry, Deccan—India, and not to any one by name. Company Agents. A. Coy. Pte. Gunn. Lce.-Corpl.Phillips. Lce.-Corpl. Davies. Lce.-Corpl. Pulling. E. Coy.Lce-Sergt.Higham. F. ,, Corpl. Pugh. G. „ Lce.-Sergt. Pugh. H. „ Corpl. Nash. Agent at Wellington— Sergt. Hewitt, Acting Sub-Editor—Sergt. Bennett. The paper should be procured by men from their Company Agents or the Recreation Room. Oh 00 1 $ "3 -w &- s £•? Bates of: Subscriptions :— <x> 5 *- "3d -» < j2 fe¬ es c o5 cb 00 C India—Officers & their friends, Messes, Clubs, Libra¬ ries, Institutes, &c... N.-C. O's and men of tbe Battalion N.-C. O's and men of other corps or friends, &c. d. s. d. Home—Officers & their friends, Messes, &c. 5 6 N.-C. O's and men and their friends 3 9 All subscriptions must be paid in advance. Notices of Births, Deaths, and Marriages of all connected with the Regiment are inserted free.