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: "' * .% *tn o F haKi fc jjt ^^fytyW far % J||en 0)1 the ^Jel^h J^egitt^eni. Vol. III. No. 1.] TRIMULGHERRY, DECCAN, INDIA-MARCH, 1895. [Price Annas Z. CONTENTS. Notices Editor's Notes ... New Editor's Notes Sub-Editor's Letter The late Major Ingram ... Regimental Gazette The Draft 1st Battalion News St. David's Day Festivities Life of Captain Stairs Sporting and Dramatic:—Gymkhana, K. A. Sports, Shooting Match, Football, Theatricals, Polo Notes from Bangalore Miscellaneous:—Force of Habit. Army Signalling, Letter to.—Editor Advertisements Page .. 1 NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS. EVERY week several letters and newspapers evidently intended for the letter box are posted in the Editor's Box and frequently lose a mail thereby. We hope that after this notice people will caution their servants, as great inconvenience may" be caused by the delay. Correspondents should write on only one side of the paper, which should be foolscap if possible. All MSB. should be legibly written and enclosed in a wrapper in prefer¬ ence to an envelope, as in the former it will only cost at the rate of -J an. for 10 tolas or \d. for 2 ozs. Subscriptions should be sent by Money Order and not in stamps, which invariably arrive here stuck together, and practically valueless. Contributions must in every case be accompanied by the name of the writer, which will not be published unless desired by him. Contributions should reach the Edi¬ tor before the 15th of each month, and be addressed to— The Editor " Men of Harlech," 2/Welsh Eegiment—Trimulgherry, Deccan—India and not to any one by name. Company Agents. A. Coy. Sergt. Griffiths. JB. „ Lce.-Corpl. Phillips. C ,, Lee.-Corpl. Meaney. D. „ Corpl. Hart. B. Coy. Corpl. Bird. F. ,, Corpl. Gower. G. „ Lce.-Sergt. Pugh, H. „ Lce.-Corpl.Barry. The paper should be procured by men from their Company Agents or the Recreation Room. Rates of Subscriptions :— o 3 •a o India—Officers & their friends, Messes, Clubs, Libra¬ ries, Institutes, &c... IST.-O. O's. and men of the Battalion N.-C. O's. & men of other corps or friends, &c. s. s. d. d. Home—Officers & their friends, Messes, &c. N.-C. O's. and men and their friends TO 05 s © o © P o • < is* ji O All subscriptions must be paid in advance. Notices of Births, Deaths, and Marriages of all connected with the Regiment are inserted free. —oOrO^Oo—