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^£N 0F HA $ $wmmr K % J%« 4 ft* ^W§fc jfl^in^ni Vol. II. No. 12.] TRIMULGHERRY, DECCAN, INDIA—FEBRUARY, 1895. [p™^ ^as 3. CONTENTS. Notices Editor's Notes Our Sub-Editor's Notes ... Extract from Battalion Orders ... 1st Battalion News Depot News Regimental Athletic Sports „ Polo Cricket Foot-Ball Secunderabad Spring Sky Meeting „ Gymkhana--• Regimental Point to Point Entertainments :— Christy Minstrels, Massed Bands, etc. Miscellaneous :—Our Polo Club Dreamland—Mystery, Sergt.-Major Rowbottom, etc. Advertisements Page .. 165 .. 166 .. 167 .. 168 ,.. 169 ... 169 ... 170 ... 172 .. 173 ... 173 ,.. 174 ... 174 ... 175 175 178 181 NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS. VERY week several letters and U newspapers evidently intended for the letter box are posted in the Editor's Box and frequently lose a mail thereby. We hope that after this notice people will caution their servants, as great inconvenience may be caused by the delay. Don't write on both sides of the paper, use foolscap if possible, write legibly and use a wrapper instead of an envelope for your MSS., as it will cost you only at the rate of J an. for 10 tolas or \&. for 2 ozs. Send your subscriptions through the Post Office, and don't send stamps, as they arrive here a gummy state of nastiness. Contributions must in every case be accompanied by the name of the writer, which will not be published unless desired by him. Contributions should reach the Edi¬ tor before the 15th of each month, and be addressed to— The Editor " Men of Harlech," 2/Welsh Regiment—Trimulgherry, Deecan—India. Company Agents. A. Coy. Sergfc. Griffiths. B. „ Lce.-Corpl Phillips. C. „ Lce.-Corpl. Meaney. D. „ Corpl. Hart. E. Coy. Corpl. Bird F. ,, Corpl. Gower. G. „ Lce.-Sergt. Pugh. H. „ Lce.-Corpl.Bairy. The paper should be procured by men from their Company Agents or the Recreation Room. Rates of Subscriptions :— ^ 2 0 S Tab-*? .H o India—Officers & their friends, Messes, Clubs, Libra¬ ries, Institutes, &c.... N.-G. O's and men of the Battalion N.-O. O's. & men of other corps or friends, Home—Officers & their friends, Messes, &c. N.-C. O's. and men and their friends s. d. •3 o. as «sj w COO s. d. 5 6 3 9 All subscriptions must be paid in advance. Notices of Births, Deaths, and Marriages of all connected with the Regiment are inserted free. —00>©=?00—