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321 THE STATE PAPERS OF JAMES I. {Continued from page 311.) Feb (?).—Memorandum of the differences between the present and former instructions, relative to the office and powers of the President and Council of Wales. Feb. (?).—" Memorial for the Earl of Salisbury," on the King's powers in reference to the Council of Wales, with collections out of original records, etc., relative to the juris¬ diction of the Marches of Wales over the English shires. Feb. (?).—Advantages that would arise by having the four English counties exempted from the jurisdiction of the Council of Wales, and by the abolition of that Council, which is no longer needed to suppress riots, " Wales being as civil as England." Feb. (?).—Reasons for exempting the four English coun¬ ties from the above jurisdiction. (Addressed by a resident there to the Privy Council.) Feb. (?).—Reasons against the exemption of the four coun¬ ties from the government of Wales. Indorsed with notes by Salisbury. Feb. (?).—Answers to arguments made to prove that the four English shires are not within the jurisdiction of the Council of Wales. Feb. 15.—Grant to Simon Reade of pardon for conjura¬ tion and invocation of unclean spirits. Feb. 18.—Grant to Sir Thomas Somerset of an annuity of £400, on surrender of a former pension, to be received from Sir Thomas Shirley, out of the Office of Alienations. Feb. 20.—Chester. George Iyloyd, Bishop of Chester, to Salisbury. Reasons for preserving certain mills and a cause¬ way in the city of Chester, the destruction of which is desired by some gentlemen of Wales.