225 WALES UNDER THE COMMONWEALTH. (Continued from page 120.) MONMOUTHSHIRE INFORMATIONS. Wm. Herbert, of Colebrook, co. Mon. 14th Feb. 1649, articles against him that he was a rigorous and urgent Com¬ missioner of Array, granted several warrants to raise men and money against Parliament, and contributed himself. That he sent to the justices of peace and other officers Lord Gerard's letters for the prosecution of the few honest men that acted against the King. That he favoured Sir Nich. Kemys and Langhorne in the late insurrection in South Wales. That he has received £40.000 or £50,000 out of the Earl of Worcester's estate, out of his woods converted to charcoal, his iron mills, &c. Rich. Vaughan, Courtfield, co. Mon. 21st March 1650, information that he was in arms for the late King, nth Oct. 1651, information that he was in arms against Parliament in 1643 at Covert, co. Glouc. and was at the siege of Gloucester, and that he has an estate in cos. Gloucester and Hereford never yet sequestered, Sir Chas. Somerset, Troy, co. Mon. 21st March 1650, in¬ formation that he is a Papist. 2nd Dec. 1651, information that he maintained at his house a garrison of 20 men, armed, and with horses, for the late King, and sent them out scouting 1643-45, to the great terror of the well-affected ; that he har¬ boured the King's officers and soldiers ; rode himself in Lord Herbert's troop in 1642 and 1643, and is a disaffected Papist. Sir Edward Morgan, Bart., Llanternam, co. Mon. 14 Jan. 1652, information that in 1644 he was in arms for the late King in cos. Monmouth and Hereford, and in 1645 was taken pris¬ oner in Hereford garrison. That he gave men, horses, arms,