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193 WALES UNDER THE COMMONWEALTH. (Continued from page 187) THE COMMONWEALTH IN PEMBROKESHIRE. JOHN ELLYOTT, NARBERTH. COL. J AS. LEWIS, KILKIFFE. ROGER LORT, STACKPOOL COURT. , SAMPSON LORT, EASTMORE—ALL CO. PEMB. 1649, Feb. I2-—Information that Roger Lort went in 1642, with the King's Commissioners of Array, to Carmarthen, joined the Marquis of Hertford, and became treasurer for the King. That he sent warrants to raise men. and was made J.P. ; was principal actor in the Association of Pembroke, Carmarthen, and Cardigan ; petitioned the Earl of Carbery to head it ; subscribed to raise 400 musqueteers, and had a commission to raise a regiment ; offered to raise money if the Earl would secure Pembroke and Tenby, being Parliament garrisons, and subscribed warrants for forcing large sums from the inhabitants. That in Aug. 1643, he summoned Tenby to surrender, promising to secure the Mayor and burgesses to the value of his own estate, £30,000, and his brother-in-law, Thomas Bowens, £20,000, and threatening else to blockade them, by which juggling the town surren¬ dered, and then he robbed the well affected. That in October 1643 he took to the Earl of Carbery, at Oxford, £2,000, raised by him and others to fortify Milford Haven, summoned the men of co. Pembroke to attend and aid him ; had all the' arms in the county delivered to the Earl of Carbery ; caused seven or eight garrisons to be fortified, including his own house, which was stormed and taken by Major-Gen. Langhorne, then commander for the Parliament, causing the first bloodshed in that county. That in 1644 he came to London, pretended to be for the Parliament, got himself