97 LLANARTH CUM LLANINA" AN INTERESTING M.S. BOOK. A short time ago when visiting Mr. J. Edwardes Rogers, at Abermeurig, he brought me from out his well filled store¬ house a leather bound volume, the entries in which pertain to these two Cardiganshire parishes, and cover the period 1695 to 1721. On the inner front cover is this statement:—" C. Price. 1 March 1696, ex dono Fratris A. Price. This Book contains an Account of the Tithe-corn. Lambs, Wooll. and Cheese of Llanarth wth Llanina. How ye same is Sett out and Sold, and how much payd from time to time ; since 1113- being Consern'd. The Lambs. Wooll, and Cheese att ye end of the Book. Note yt what is sold in one year is generally not payd nor payable till ye next, and perhaps not then clearly payd. C. P." Many entries other than those pertaining to the tithe have been placed on these faded pages. Charles Price, vicar of the parishes, tells us, he was "ye son of Howel Price, vicar of Cornytoydur, and Frances his wife ; born 20th Janu¬ ary 1663." Other issue of Vicar Howel Price were " Ann, Jan>\ [gone] ; Jane, b. 17 July, 1670 : Awbrey, b. 5 May [gone] ; Hesther, b. 9 April 1674 ; Howel, b. 30 April, 1676 ; Elizab. b. 22 Nov. 1680." " Howel Price, Vicar of Corny toydur died the 21st December, 1680. Frances Price, alias Davies, d. 24 Dec. 1685. Taken out of Corny toydur register."