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he ABSTAINER A Monthly Temperance Magazine for circulation in South Wales and Monmouthshire. Communications for the Editor should be addressed to the Offices of the Union 35, WINDSOR PLACE, CARDIFF. Vol. XXI. 7. JULY, 1910. ONE PENNY. TLhe ^Temperance Summer Scbool. A USEFUL AND ENJOYABLE HOLIDAY. ifsIr5|HE first Temperance Summer School organ- \?u j lse(^ *n South Wales is fixed to take place at ojl2?» the Swansea Intermediate Schools, Mount Pleasant, from July 30th to August 6th, and ought to be well patronised. For some time there has been an increasing desire to impart to the children the best and latest information upon the temperance question, and especially the scientific side of it. Teachers in public schools, and conductors and sepakers of Bands of Hope are equally desirous to instruct the children committed to their care. The Board of Education have given a great impetus to the movement by the issue of an official " Syllabus of Lessons in Temperance," and such a document now places in the hands of members not only of Local Education Authorities, but also of conductors and speakers, an authorita¬ tive statement of the case in favour of temperance. The Swansea Summer School is organised to place the best methods of imparting this informa¬ tion before teachers and speakers, and Band of Hope Workers should avail themselves of this unique opportunity of getting the best of know¬ ledge at first hand. The lectures will be in the morning, and the afternoon will be devoted tosocial functions. The Mayor of Swansea will hold a reception on the opening Saturday, and a Garden Party, a trip to the Mumbles, and other similar gatherings are arranged by the Swansea friends. The lecturers are men of note, specialists in their particular branch. Professor Sims Woodhead, M.A., M.D., LL.D., Lecturer of Pathology at the Medical School, Cambridge, will deliver the opening lecture, and during the week attention will be given to the following :— Seven Lectures on Eating and Drinking, and its use " Mr. R. H. Wakefield, Science Demonstrator, Swansea. Seven Lectures 011 "The Effects of Alcoholic Beverages on the Body." Mr. H. Major, B.A., B.Sc, Chief Inspector Leicester Education Committee. Pood Chief Seven Lectures on " The Evil Consequences of Intemperance, to the Individual, the Home, and the State." Mr. John Newton (London) Author of " The National Drink Bill," etc. Each Lecture will last about 40 minutes, and will be followed by Questions and Exercises. Particular attention will be paid to methods of teaching the subjects. Members of the school will make their own arrangements for board and lodging, but a list of suitable homes may be had on application. The charge is 5s., and covers fees and social functions, in fact everything as far as the school is concerned. Band of Hope conductors and speakers specially should endeavour to avail themselves of such a holiday, where instruction and pleasure is so usefully combined. The Railway Company offers cheap facilities for parties of ten going from any station. Further particulars can be had on application to 35, Windsor Place, Cardiff. ft What We Have Heard. That drinking is a costly indulgence. That a farm labourer obtained four pints of beer, did not answer the summons issued against him, was brought up on warrant, stayed some days in gaol, pleaded guilty, and was ordered to pay ^"3, including costs. That the probabilities are, he, like many others who have to pay heavy costs, will still go on drinking. That the only ones who get anything out of drinking are the liquor sellers, and even they frequently have to pay heavily for the privilege (?) of selling.