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he ABSTAINER A Monthly Temperance Magazine for circulation in South Wales and Monmouthshire. Communications for the Editor should be addressed to the Offices of the Union 35, WINDSOR PLACE, CARDIFF. Vox,. XXI. 2. FEBRUARY, 1910. ONE PENNY. ®ur Xate Jpresibent. rt" T is our painful duty to chronicle "▼" the passing away, on January *J 27th, of our beloved President, Mr. John Cory, J P., D.L., at the venerable age of 81. No words can adequately express our sense of the loss the Temperance cause, in common with all good movements, has sustained. To the Union he was ever a particu¬ lar friend and gen¬ erous supporter. All his gifts are not chronicled in the annual report, nor could they be. He was always ready to give the means for pressing forward the cause he believed in so thoroughly and loved so dearly, and almost every society in the city, together with thousands outside, will miss his valued contribu¬ tions. The city of his adoption contains many monuments of his unique generosity. These will, for many generations, be a sweet memory of a man whose heart was right with God, who regarded his riches as a trust to be used for the benefit of his fellows, and who ever found time to think and care for the weak and erring The late Mr. JOHN CORY. Photo, by Russell & Sons. Block lent through the kindness of the South Wales Daily News. and those who suffer shipwreck in the struggle for life. A great and truly good man has passed away. Shall we ever see his like again ? At the Cory Hall meeting, held on Saturday, January 29th, the following resolution was feelingly carried :— "That this meeting deeply regrets tojhear of the death of Mr. John Cory, J.P., D.L., the beloved President of the C.&D.T.&B.H.U. It records with much gratitude and thankfulness his long and use¬ ful career spent so largely in the ser¬ vice of his fellows; h i s ungrudging support of Chris¬ tian and philan¬ thropic institu¬ tions ; his keen practical interest in the Temperance movement, especi- ally in the Saturday night meetings started through his instru¬ mentality 29 years ago ; it recognises that Cardiff has lost its most generous citizen, and the Temperance movement a warm friend, and it offers to his family its respect and sympathy on the great loss they have sustained."