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VOL. XVIII. NO. 1 JANUARY, 1907. One Penny. THE ABSTAINER Gbe ffl>ontblp ADa^ine of tbe Carfciff ant) District --------temperance anfc Banfc of Ibope 1Hnion. —— "To driiik no Wine all our days."—Jeremiah xxxv., 8. Boys' Clothes DIFFER FROM MEN'S IN THIS—THEY HAVE TO PLEASE NOT ONLY THE BOY, BUT HIS PARENTS ALSO. Master's 6Co/s Suits DO IT PERFECTLY, IN STYLE, FIT AND QUALITY. MAY WE SHOW YOU OUR NEW STYLES? . Masters & Co., 29, 30, 31, ST. MARY STREET, 78, QUEEN STREET, 292, BUTE STREET, 1, ST. JOHN'S. SQUARE, -. CARDIFF. Napier & AscoTT, Printers, Neville Street, C-- "