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ABSTAINER The Monthly Magazine of the Cardiff & District Temperance and Band of Hope Union. Communications for the Editor should be addressed to the Offices of the Union, 35, Windsor Place. Cardiff Vol. XVII. 12. DECEMBER, 1906. ONE PENNY. YOU SHOULD NOT FAIL TO ATTEND THE Gospel . . Temperance Campaign . AT CARDIFF, CORY HALL, PARK HALL, WOOD STREET CHAPEL, ON SUNDAY, Dec. 2nd, to MONDAY, Dec. 17th. A LARGE UNITED CHOIR Conductor - Mr. JENKYN MORRIS Rev. J. QUINCY ADAMS HENRY, D.D. Was a successful Minister in San Francisco, in Chicago and in other American cities, receiving, during his ministry, upwards of 2,000 people into Church Fellowship. In 1901 Dr. Henry came to Great Britain to conduct a Gospel Tem- pkkanck Campaign, in which he had the marvellous successof obtaining over 131,000 TemperancePledges, and has had 26,000 people confess Christ as Saviour and King. But his great object in his Mission is " to do the work of an Evangelist," and win men to Christ. Everywhere he has been heartily welcomed in this country, having visited all the leading cities both in Great Britain and Ireland. * Already he has conducted some 130 Missions on this side of the Atlantic, and at these Missions many thousands, both of young and old, have made open confession of Jesus Mr. J. RAYMOND HEMMINGER Was a teacher in Pennsylvania, and used to sing at concerts until he was asked to accompany an American Evangelist in a Gospel Mission in the States. He came to this country to watch the methods of Mr. Alexander in dealing with large choirs and congrega¬ tions. While assisting Mr Alexander at Bristol, Mr. Hemminger met Dr. Henry, and it was there arranged that he should accompany Dr. Henry in his work in this country. He has since successfully conducted large choirs in the towns where the Missions have been held. Mr. Hemminger's sweet voice and his winsome and loveable character gain for him an entrance into many hearts. He has put his gifts at God's service, and God has been pleased to use and bless them greatly. Christ. The late Sir GEO. WILLIAMS, Founder of the Y.M.C.A., said : "In sending Dr. Henry to us, America has given us one of her most eloquent sons." THE BRITISH WEEKLY says: -'Dr. Henry's eloquence is rooted in sound common sense. His addresses are wholesome, practical, and free from all exaggeration and mis-statement."